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An all-new miniseries set in the Movie universe launches here! Nearly two years after saving the planet, Sam Witwicky has grown up. It's too bad his friend BUMBLEBEE hasn’t. With their friendship strained, Sam sets out for an evening devoid of alien interference. Little does he know that he's being watched. Without his robotic protector, can he beat the DECEPTICONS?


Bumblebee has been sent back to Sam and the two of them are happy to see each other again. While they talk, his parents interrupt with saying that Mojo is in the front yard. While Sam goes to get Mojo, he sees Bumblebee lowering a tree to get the cat down. Sam yells to stop and then asks him what he's doing here. Bumblebee tells him he's watching over him, even though he isn't in any trouble at the moment. Sam tells him showing himself in robot mode because he doesn't want more reporters snooping around his house. He then tells him he's going to the movies with Mikaela and asks him if he can drive.

That night, Bumblebee drives Sam and his friend, Miles, to the movies, while Sam and Miles chat with each other. They then see a car which Sam recognizes as Trent's, Mikaela's ex-boyfriend, and hopes they don't see him. Hours later, Sam thanks Bumblebee for behaving in front of Miles, but then Bumblebee tells him he did something, to which Sam asks what he did as it shows Trent's car has been turned upside down, and Trent freaking out about it.

Days pass, and Bumblebee and Sam make the most of it. Without a team, Bumblebee has been acting mainly on impulse. Later, while Sam is being driven by Bumblebee, he asks him what he's going to do when he goes to college. Bumblebee says he'll follow him wherever he goes, and while Sam likes that idea, he tells him he has to realize that he may not be able to go with him to college, and says that maybe he can stay at his parent's house while he's at college. Unfortunately for them, Sam's parents refuse to let him stay and say that once summer's over, he's leaving. Sam then leaves, telling them he's going to Mikaela's because she's mad at Miles for some reason. He tells Bumblebee he's going to walk because he wants to think about some things. 20 minutes later, as he's crossing the street, a car comes out of no where and heads right towards Sam, who could do nothing but protest.

Hours later, Bumblebee is just sitting in the garage and is about to shut down for the night, when Sam's dad rushes in telling him that Mikaela called and said he never made it there and they don't know where he is. Bumblebee then rushes out of the garage and takes the normal path he does to get to Mikaela's house and scans local police and news broadcasts for clues. He finally gets one and fears the worst, and as he sees an electronic sign, with Cybertronian writing on it, telling him "The Allspark for the Boy", he realizes the worst has come true.

At an auto junkyard, it is seen that Sam has been kidnapped by Barricade who demands the Allspark fragment. As he threatens Sam, Bumblebee comes in and attacks Barricade, but Barricade easily overpowers Bumblebee and then turns his attention to Sam. Sam runs as Barricade attacks him, but then Bumblebee recovers and attacks Barricade once more. Unfortunately, Bumblebee is overpowered once again, but just as it appears Barricade is going to finish him off, Sam comes with a crane and swings the hook at Barricade, but he just avoids it, tears off the hook, scoffs at Sam's attack, and lifts up the crane. But then Bumblebee manages a surprise attack on him and knocks him into a large gasoline puddle. Sam thanks him, but Bumblebee tells him to run, and as he does, Bumblebee shoots Barricade, igniting all the gasoline and causing a giant explosion. Bumblebee manages to escape with Sam, but remarks that they haven't seen the last of Barricade, and Barricade is seen fleeing from the burning scene.







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