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MIchael Bay's Perfect World

By The Angry Comic Book Critic 
        Michael Bay has made his fantasy world a reality in this two hour long explosion.Yes my friends Transformers 2 has it all it is filled with racially insensitive robots, hot babes(That's not so bad),big explosions,pointless dialouge and the biggest pair of robot balls either you or I have ever seen on the silver screen. Now I consider myself a man of patience but when you do shit this stupid and when I say this stupid I mean it in the sense that all reality becomes one big explosion that's when I get pissed so here's a little message I have for Michael Bay...GET BACK ON YOUR MEDS YOU TALENTLESS HACK!!! Now I want to make this perfectly clear to everyone out there Michael Bay is not a director and god help me I can't believe I'm about to say this but Jason Friedberg and Aaron Seltzer are better directors bahgh(okay just threw up in my mouth a bit there) then him at least there shit isn't non stop pointless action now I love action as much as the next guy don't get me wrong but not to the point where you have to ask yourself I'm I high because I just saw the music breathing?
           Now Michael Bay is a special effects supervisor because that is all he does he makes things go boom he is good at what he does but he is no director. Now why is this movie just so stupid? Oh I know how about the plot holes the size Texas like the military covering up all the Robot smack downs cause from what I saw there is only two way not to notice shit like that one your blind or your dead no scratch that even a blind man would at least hear or feel it yes the only way not to know about shit like that is you would have to be dead.Also there was a moment were I honest to god half expected Arnold Schwarzenegger to come out and say "Come with me if you want to live." because I swear to god there was a woman in this who looked just like the TX from Terminator 3 because she was just like her blond hair, hot body and even had the Terminator walk my god hasn't Terminator suffered enough with having to suffer this indignity as well? Now there were moments in this that I liked most of them involved Megan Fox in short shorts let just even though I was sitting down I was giving her a standing ovation.Now probably the only good actor in this movie that I can recall is the guy who voiced Optimus Prime my god he was perfect for the role but outside of those small diamonds in epic turd this film falls flat on it's ass in almost every department save for one and what might that department be? guessed special effect they were pretty sweet but not even the greatest visuals and explosions can salvage a film without any story or for that matter any actors that can pull it off the 1st film was pretty descent it was worth the six bucks I paid to see it but this was just stupid in was a stupid horrible idiotic train wreck or in other words S.H.I.T.
        I'm The Angry Comic Book Critic and this gets the Stamp of approval.
Transformers Revenge of the Fallen  

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