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The Unthinkable has happened: the rogue Decepticon OVERLORD has taken over the Autobots' maximum security prison, Garrus-9, and turned everything on its head. Autobots are now prisoners and Decepticons ae now guards, and all of them are part of a grotesque experiment.

Enter THE WRECKERS. Nine robots, one purpose: turn up and start shooting.

In this collected edition of the citically acclaimed, sold-out miniseries, SPRINGER, KUP, PERCEPTOR, and slew of untested rookies must break into a prison planet, overcome hidden horrors, and defeat a Decepticon with the mother of all grudges.

But is their mission all that it seems? And what happens when monsters don't fight against you, but alongside you?

Nick Roche and James Roberts (with Guido Guidi and Josh Burcham) explore the differences between being an Autobot, being a Decepticon... and being a Wrecker.

Includes the Text Story: Bullets


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