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On the Sharp
On the Sharp

Eliza Harmon used Lex Luthor's Everyman Project to gain powers of super speed.

Harmon was a huge fan of speedsters, and her biggest dream was to become the new Kid Flash with the Teen Titans.

After receiving the Everyman treatment, Harmon moved away from Manchester, Alabama to become one of the original members of Luthor's new Infinity, Inc.

Harmon was unstable, and made an enemy of Luthor after she snapped at him. Her superpowers made it difficult for her to slow down, forcing her to take a drug called Sharp for reprieve. This causes a major argument between Harmon and Luthor, as well as her other team members. Angry and high, she speeds off and Luthor removes her from the team.

In Week 21, Harmon is allowed back on the team after Natasha Irons (aka Starlight) pleads her case to Luthor and promises that she's off the sharp.

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On a routine takedown of supervillain Blockbuster, Trajectory's powers suddenly short out and she plummets to her death. It turns out that Luthor himself pressed the button that caused Trajectory to lose her super speed and her life.

Other Media

The Flash (CW)

Trajectory on The Flash
Trajectory on The Flash

Trajectory appeared in the live-action series The Flash. On the show, she is a scientist working for Mercury Labs and a friend of Caitlin Snow. When Caitlin asks for help developing the Velocity 9 serum, she asked Eliza for help. To avoid Eliza learning too much about the formula, Caitlin only gave her part of the formula. However, Caitlin undersetimated Eliza, as she figure out the rest herself and began making and using Velocity 9. The drug gave her access to the Speed Force, but as a side effect, she became addicted and developed a alternate personality named Trajectory. Trajectory began using her speed to steal, but she stole from several of Barry Allen's friends, who pointed them in her direction. Barry attempted to chase her, but the serum made her even faster than him, so she escaped.

When questioned about the serum, Eiza lied and said she destroyed it. When she saw that her supply of serum was low, she used the last of it to raid S.T.A.R. Labs and force them to make more. Once she got what she wanted, Trajectory went on to collapse a bridge. She succeeded, but Flash was able to catch her. He attempted to get her to beat her addiction, but she injects herself with more Velocity-9 anyway. As she speeds off, the drug's side effect of cellular degeneration kicked in, causing her disintegrate.

Trajectory was played actress Allison Page.

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