Character » Tragg appears in 3 issues.

    Tragg was a member of an unnamed subterreanian race which were unknowingly wiped out by underground atomic testing.

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    Tragg, He Who Walks Beneath the Earth, Kragg was the sole survivor or his race who was exterminated by underground atomic bombs. Construction workers some time later were preparing to build a subway through Tragg's area and the monster attacked and scared away the humans. Tragg attracted the attention of the Collector and was placed in an underground Zoo. He was later set free by the Mole Man and brought into a confrontation with Earths heroes The Thing, Hulk, Beast, Giant Man and Mr Fantastic. Tragg was defeated by being teleported to the Negative Zone.      


    Tragg is a Marvel comics character created by Gerry Conway and Syd Shores. 

    Powers and Abilities

    20 foot monster with strength enough to casually throw around trains, Tragg possesses super strength, and super durability. His senses were heightened and allowed for him to live underground.  

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