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    The Tracker was the son of international criminal Athena and mobster Lorenzo Rossetti, Nico became part of his mother's Network In Gotham City, he assumed the identity of the Tracker, a vigilante pursuing the Rossetti family's interests. He wore a demonic-looking costume and was assisted by Doctor Excess' performance-enhancing drugs.

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    Nicholas Kazantkakis aka the Tracker attacked the Rossetti mob as a demonstration of his mother’s hatred for Caesar Rossetti. Gabriel Rossetti, Caesar's grandson, has taken over his grandfather's operations by expanding into drug trafficking. Tracker killed the mobsters by emitting an electrical charge into their bodies. Fortunately, Batman saved Santos, one of Rossetti's men named. As a means of gratitude, Santos agreed to be Batman's eyes and ears in order find out who would have a personal vendetta against the Rossetti mob. Nicholas returns to the Zephyr Building in Midtown Gotham. The Zephyr Building is actually a secret hideout for the Court of Owls. Nicholas tells Doctor Excess, the Court's physician, about his opinion of the Batman. Nicholas believes Batman fights crime because he finds danger exhilarating but the doctor tells Nicholas not to underestimate the seductive allure of risking one's life. The doctor believes that the Batman's crusade on crime in Gotham stems from a deep-rooted psychological trauma during his childhood and he possesses an obsessive compulsion to save lives even though some don't want to be saved. After their discussion,the doctor injects a synthesized compound composed of electrum into Nick's body thus making him somewhat invulnerable to being injured or killed.

    The next day, Bruce attends another meeting at Wayne Enterprises because the board is deciding whether or not to keep Bruce as CEO of Wayne Enterprises. Celia Kazantkakis tries to convince the board that Wayne Enterprises would be nothing without a Wayne at the helm. Delilah Wagner who is the proponent of Bruce's removal believes his social life as a boy billionaire could pose as a disastrous liability for the company's reputation. Even though Bruce was cleared for his involvement with Vesper Fairchild's murder, he was still being scrutinized by the press. Delilah believes that Bruce's peculiar notoriety makes the stockholders and business partners uncomfortable. Delilah gives Bruce a written ultimatum which dictates that if he refuses to resign from the company then she will put in a vote of no-confidence in front of the shareholders. Celia convinces Bruce to consider Delilah’s request as a formality. The board knows Bruce has let Lucius Fox handle the day-to-day responsibilities of the company but Lucius's condition after his near fatal stroke has left him unable to carry on.

    Bruce had feared that Wayne Enterprises would be vulnerable of a takeover but not from inside his own company. Lex Luthor was counting on this vulnerability when he hired David Cain to implicate Bruce as Vesper's murderer. Bruce hired Delilah to keep other corporate sharks at bay but eventually he knew that Delilah would pull a stunt like this. However, Bruce was more concerned about the Tracker's motives for attacking the Rosettis. Bruce has been studying the Tracker's movements for the last two months. The Tracker apprehended Rossetti's family accountant Bertis Delgado. The Tracker also killed Clement Wellman by feeding him to his dogs in Little Moscow. According to the testimonies of those who survived the Tracker's bust at a crystal meth lab, they described Tracker as something demonic.

    On the other side of the city, Gabriel Rossetti makes his way to his car but his driver Ruiz is nowhere to be found. Suddenly, Ruiz is dropped on the windshield of Rossetti's car. Rossetti and his men open fire on the Tracker. The Tracker knocks out Rossetti and his crew then he makes his escape with Rossetti's brief case. Fortunately, Batman has been observing Rossetti's movements in the likely event that the Tracker would show up. Doctor Excess uses the surveillance feed throughout Gotham to keep in contact with Tracker by via comm link. The Court managed to acquire the service of two techno savvy criminals named the Technician and Bugg which allowed the Court to have eyes and ears throughout Gotham. Doctor Excess tells Nicholas not to engage the Batman. The Tracker takes the doctor's advice and makes a quick getaway by discharging an electrical pulse at Batman.

    Rossetti decides to seek outside help in order to combat the Tracker. Penguin recommends the Technician who has a fetish for collecting several things that predate Gotham's beginnings. Things that range from the World Fair in 1941 and the Technician refurbishes them. However, the Technician refuses Rossetti's offer to take down the Tracker and instead gives Rossetti a business card in the form of a playing card. The Technician recommends that Rossetti contract the Suicide King.

    During Dumont Hotel benefit gala at Wayne Enterprises, Delilah threatens the mayor that Wayne Enterprises will take their business elsewhere unless the city can provide a greater incentive. Bruce arrives at the gala but he is accosted by a drunk named Roger Sloane. Sloane tells Bruce that he must speak with him but the gala security removes Sloane before he could utter another word. Celia pulls Bruce away from his date at the gala in order to speak with him. Celia confides in Bruce to fight for control of Wayne Enterprises because she feels Bruce's mother would be disappointed in him if he didn't. She continues by bringing up her past and how she met Bruce's mother.  

    Forty years ago, Celia was the guardian at the Copper Street orphanage. Celia's mother ran the orphanage until she passed away and Celia continued on afterwards. Celia met Martha Wayne when Celia was being harassed by a developer named Stanford Whitaker. Whitaker wanted to buyout the entire neighborhood which included the orphanage so he could build high-rise apartments. Martha has been combating Whitaker at City Hall and she finally beat him by getting City Hall's approval to make the entire neighborhood an historical landmark. Celia was grateful for Martha's efforts and Martha took Celia out to celebrate at a local club called Chat Noir on Avenue B. It was here that Martha met Denholm Sinclair who was an affiliate of Caesar Rossetti. Celia tried to warn Martha but Martha wouldn't listen so Celia took it upon herself to confront Sinclair and tell him to leave Martha alone. Sinclair viewed Celia’s defensiveness as a charming form of envy. Sinclair agrees to leave Martha alone and decides to woo Celia with his masculine charm.  

    Sadly, the victory of saving the neighborhood was short-lived because the orphanage was burnt down to the ground. The evidence against Whitaker was circumstantial but he was eventually convicted for arson by the jury thanks to Martha Wayne’s testimony as well as Celia’s. Unbeknownst to Bruce, Celia had held back on what truly happened at the orphanage. Martha eventually found out that Celia had burnt down the orphanage in order to collect the insurance money and Whitaker was the perfect patsy. Martha confronted Celia about the orphanage but Celia didn't acknowledge Martha’s accusations. Instead, Celia wrote off Martha's anger as petty jealousy because Sinclair courted Celia rather than Martha. However, Celia knew Martha's political pull in Gotham so she decided to leave the country by returning to her ancestral home in Greece. Celia plays off of Bruce's emotions by she regrets not being a part of Bruce's life after martha was killed. 

    Meanwhile. the Suicide King pays the Rossetti house a visit. The Suicide King shows off his talents by taking out some of Rosetti's men. Suicide King then introduces himself to Gabriel Rossetti who is impressed by the king's ingenuity. Gabriel deems Suicide King worthy enough to be a part of his organization. The Suicide King tells Gabriel that he can eliminate the Tracker if Gabriel signs over 20% of the Rossetti's family business to him. Gabriel reluctantly agrees Suicide King’s offer because he wants the Tracker dealt with sooner rather than later.  

    Bruce goes Lucius Fox to get his impression on Celia. Lucius informs Bruce that Celia made her fortune in textiles throughout Europe but now her main source of income is real estate. She later married Porter Endicott, a Spanish national and took over his corporate position of power when he passed away. Lucius views Celia as a tough business woman but a humble person nonetheless. Batman later meets with Santos to gather more Intel on who the Tracker is and why he has a vendetta against the Rossettis. Santos informs Batman that Gabriel Rossetti has hired the Suicide King to take out the Tracker. Both Gabriel and the Suicide King have set up a bogus money drop in order to lure the Tracker out into the open.  

    As Batman makes his way to money drop, he contacts Oracle. Bruce asks Oracle to find out who the Tracker's point man is because he recalls the Tracker was speaking to someone through a comm link. Oracle uses her decryption software to decipher any irregular transmissions that could be linked to the Tracker and Doctor Excess thereby giving her a digital trail to follow. Oracle also brought up some interesting information on Delilah Wagner's business methods. Oracle gave this damaging information to the stock exchange commission which will indict Delilah for fraud and insider trading.  

     Batman also contacts Tim Drake and instructs him to investigate Roger Sloane. Batman wants to find out why Sloane was so anxious to speak to Bruce Wayne. Tim discovers that Sloan has outdated press credentials and he was once an award-winning Boston reporter until his editor learned that he was fabricating his sources. It turns out Sloane has been obsessed with the recent events that have been occurring at Wayne Enterprises. Sloane has documented a pattern that could possibly be a conspiracy. His conspiracy starts with Bruce's decision to leave the country then Wagner's ascension at Wayne Enterprises and finally the untimely death of Porter Endicott. Tim believes Sloane was trying to make up for the slander and libel that he printed at his bugle and he wanted to rejoin the media's good grace by reporting a fantastical new story. Unfortunately, Mister Fun, one of Celia's associates, disposed of Sloane before Tim got to his apartment. Mister Fun removed any incriminating evidence that could be linked back to Celia and dumped Sloane's body in a nearby dumpster.  

    Batman arrives at the money drop as does the Tracker. Both the Tracker and Batman watch as Gabriel Rossetti gives a brief case full of money to Arturo Zamora. Batman informs the Tracker that he is being set up and the Tracker says "It's the other way around." Tracker shocks Batman with his tazer talons then the Suicide King makes his entrance. Suicide King pretends to fight off the Tracker in order to gain Gabriel's trust. Suicide King stuns the Tracker and the Tracker falls twenty stories off a rooftop. Batman attacks Suicide King for what he did to the Tracker. Batman deduces that the Suicide King's fighting style is Asano Nitobe. Batman almost defeats Suicide King until the Tracker returns and knocks out Batman. Suicide King is amazed that the Tracker actually survived his fall.  

    Suicide King tells the Tracker to abort their mission in killing the Batman. Batman overheard their conversation as he staggered to his feet. Batman finally realizes that the Tracker and the Suicide King are running a shakedown operation by gaining Rossetti's trust thereby allowing them to infiltrate his organization. Doctor Excess tells the Tracker to retreat back to their base of operations but the Tracker refuses. Batman activates a signal jammer to cut off Doctor Excess' communication with the Tracker. During their heated confrontation, the Tracker and Batman collide with a stack of metal pipes and steel beams. Both the Tracker and Batman must jump off the rooftop to avoid the plummeting mass of metal. Batman manages to save himself with his grappling claw but he was unable to grab Nicholas in time. Batman descends to the bottom and finds the Tracker buried in a heap of metal beams. As Batman pushed the beams away, he could see that the steel pipes had impaled the Tracker. Batman removes the Tracker's mask and is shocked that the Tracker is Nicholas, Celia's son.

    The next day, Delilah Wagner is taken into custody for her crimes and Bruce informs Celia that she is the new CEO of Wayne Enterprises. Celia had anticipated on Bruce’s affections toward her and his reasoning for making her Delilah’s replacement because she knew her manipulations on Bruce's emotions would work. Her victory of becoming the new CEO of Wayne Enterprises was short-lived when she heard that her son had died. Mister Fun removed Nicholas’ body from the County Morgue because Celia knew that if the coroners examined Nicholas’ body then they would have found Doctor Excess' electrum compound in Nicholas' bloodstream.  

     Unfortunately, Freeway, Celia's right hand man, was unable to procure the Tracker's stealth suit from the hazmat team who arrived at the crime scene. It turns out that the hazmat team wanted to analyze the Tracker's suit because it's parts of a new procedure that began after Vox’s armor destroyed half of a building in Gotham last year. It was Celia's last wish to have her son cremated thereby destroying any evidence of Doctor Excess' electrum compound. It would seem that Nicholas was the first step in perfecting Doctor Excess's electrum compound because the Court of Owls wanted to utilize this compound and make more Talon enforcers. The Talons would be near unstoppable but they would also be replaceable.  

    Court of Owls 

    Celia is still a member of the Court of the Owls. She was present when Talon who was later revealed as Dick Grayson's great grandfather, was beaten by the Batman. Celia is no longer able to walk but she is escorted in wheelchair by an unknown Court member.   


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