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    Daughter of renown supernatrual skeptic Doctor Thirteen and Homo Magi sorceress, Meihui Lan, she is a young witch & urban magician who broke away from her father's suppression of her magical talents into became a mystic superhero using both her skills in magic and detective skills taught to her by Ralph and Sue Dibny. She often works alongside those in the Superman Family, assisting them in their mystic dilemmas through her urban magic.

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    Traci Thirteen is a homo magi and is the daughter of superhero Doctor Thirteen. When her mother died from magic, her father forbade her to practice magic. She was raised by Sue and Ralph Dibny in a loving and caring home after her father disappeared. When Traci moved to a slum in Metropolis, she began to tap into the urban magic of the city and temporarily operated as Girl 13.


    Traci Thirteen was created by Joe Kelly and Dwayne Turner and she first appeared in Superman #189, February 2003.

    Character Evolution

    Modern Age: New Earth

    Traci Thirteen is the only daughter of professional skeptic and debunker Doctor Terry Thirteen and the Asian sorceress Meihui Lan.

    Traci inherited her looks from her mother, along with her talent for magic. As she grew up, her mother taught her some of her spells, much to her father's dismay.

    In the end, though, it was magic which killed Traci's mother, and left her and her father bereft, though the details of the event have never been made clear. Despite - or perhaps because of - the tragedy, though, Traci maintained her practice of magic.

    Traci and her father lived something of a rootless, nomadic lifestyle, eventually ending up in Washington D.C.. Whilst there, Traci assisted Superman on a couple of adventures, even living in Metropolis for a brief time. Traci was trained by Ralph Dibny and his wife Sue Dibny some time after her mother's death.

    Traci also assisted with finding the shards of the Rock of Eternity after the events of Infinite Crisis. This of course led to her meeting Jaime Reyes aka Blue Beetle which led to the two going on adventures together and eventually dating. Along the way she teams up with the Teen Titans but declines their invitation to join them stating it'd be weird to date a teammate (referring to Jaime).


    After being absent in comics for quite some time and missing out on DC's New 52 initiative, Traci 13 was brought back into the fold. She was reintroduced in the pages of the Superwoman comic as the daughter of a ghost hunter and a sorceress whose power comes from the energy of cities. It also appears that much of her history has been retconned, including her relationship with Blue Beetle and adventures with the Teen Titans. She is now a Lesbian and in a relationship with fellow young hero Natasha Irons.

    Major Story Arcs

    Heart Breakers

    For more information see: Lost Hearts

    Traci and Leroy
    Traci and Leroy

    Traci having spent a number of months living on the streets of the South side of D.C., known as Hell's Heart, reached out to Lana Lang. As Lana tried to find Traci, and help her

    with the problematic streets, she is captured by a parasitic magical being known as a Heartbreaker. Traci then came into contact with Superman, who had come into the city, under cover to find Lana Lang. As Traci explained the state of the city over dinner with Superman, she revealed the existence of the Heartbreakers to him, and later became aware that he was infected with three of the creatures. As Traci guided Superman towards Lana, she was dragged into the back of a dilapidated house as Superman found Lana.

    Traci and her father Reunited
    Traci and her father Reunited

    The figure who had pulled Traci into the house had been her father, who had also been living rough. With a Heartbreaker attached to his chest, he revealed he hated magic, and hated the fact that it had taken her mother, and blamed Traci for her mothers death, all the while brandishing a knife, threatening to kill her. In the end, Traci and Doctor Thirteen were saved by the timeley intervention of Superman, who managed to bring Dr. Thirteen’s more positive emotions, which forced the Heartbreaker to drop off, and allow him to regain his right mind.

    As her father spent a lot of time recovering in Metropolis hospital, Traci spent a large amount of time with him, until he discharged himself while she was asleep. During the attack of the forces of Zod, and the general assuming the identity of Superman, Traci rescued Superboy from a severe beating by a gang of people called the Futuresmiths.


    After allowing her Father time to recover, Traci settled more into the lifestyle of Metropolis, spreading her special brand of magic across the city, subtly

    influencing the jaded people of Metropolis. On one of her daily job searches, Traci was confronted with Superman, impaled through the shoulder by a magical weapon, laying in a crater in the street. Attempting to protect him from further attack, Traci took Superman to Lana Lang, once again. After forcing Lana to help her, while she used her magical abilities to stabilise Superman, Traci was confronted with a giant-size armoured Natasha Irons.

    After their misunderstanding is resolved, Natasha and Traci are drawn into battle with the Ninja Byakko. Her thirst for vengeance against Superman would not be stopped by the two girls, and after a desperate battle, with the aid of Cir-El, the trio managed to spirit Superman back to his Fortress of Solitude for the final battle.

    Again at the fortress the three girls fought Byakko, until she was eventually defeated by witnessing Superman’s humility.

    Infinite Crisis

    During the Crisis, Traci was part of the huge mystical gathering that gave their powers willingly to Captain Marvel as he fought the Spectre. After Marvels

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    defeat and the destruction of the Rock of Eternity, Traci assisted the Shadowpact in the clearing up and formation of the Rock, with many other mystical heroes. Traci helped Zatanna locate every piece of the Rock within the city, with the use of her “Urban magic”.

    Directly after the Crisis, during the Year without Superman, Batman or Wonder Woman, Traci was seen reuniting with her old detective friends, the Croatoans, whose members included Detective Chimp, and the Elongated Man. Meeting at the House of Mystery, with Detective Chimp and Edogawa Sangaki, they encountered Tim Trench wearing the Helmet of Fate. Traci reached out to the unresponsive Trench, and when touched he collapsed into a puddle of water.

    Architecture and Morality

    In the French Alps
    In the French Alps

    Traci accompanied her Father from their ancestral home of Doomsbury mansion, to the French Alps. Investigating a crashed airplane, Traci mistakes Andrew Bennett, aka I, Vampire, for a yeti, as her Father is attacked by him. After waking her Father, who fainted in the clutches of Andrew Bennett, she mediated the argument between her sceptic father and the vampire before she was captured by the Nazi Gorilla who would later become Primaul.

    With the aid of Captain Fear, and a frozen Anthro, Doctor Thirteen managed to rescue Traci from the group of Nazi Gorilla’s known as Das Primate Patrol. During the pitched battle Traci is freed from her bonds by Jeb Stuart and her Father. As the battle continued, Traci and Doctor Thirteen are rescued by the head Gorilla by Anthro. The pair enter the lead Gorilla’s office, and are once again set upon by him, before his final defeat at the hands of Infectious Lass.

    The team fights and gathers, with Genius Jones rounding out the group, before they are attacked by a huge replication of Mount Rushmore, with a humanoid body underneath the heads. Traci and the others continue to battle against the Mountain range, as Doctor Thirteen, Julius the Nazi Gorilla and I, Vampire make their way to a fictitious times square filled with clocks. While lost in this fictitious replication of Manhattan, Traci is forced to use some of her city magic to point the group in the right direction. After a pitched battle with the “architects” Doctor Thirteen and Traci find out the meaning of their position in the comic book world, by breaking the forth wall and becoming aware of it, and set on their next adventure to rescue Captain Fear from the clutches of Black Manta.

    Rip Hunter later saw the team led by Doctor Thirteen as he dived through time before he was beaten by the second Supernova.

    Blue Beetle X Traci 13

    When Eclipso, wearing Jean Loring's body, attempting to find a more powerful body in the form of two of the Posse's new baby, Traci stepped in to prevent her from succeeding. Being completely over powered, Traci managed to escape and locate Jaime Reyes, to enlist him, as the Blue Beetle, to help her defeat Eclipso. After tracking Eclipso, they find the Posse trapped by Shadow Weaver magic, and the pair attack Eclipso. After a pitched battle, where Eclipso turns Blue Beetle into his ultimate dark fantasy, a Dentist, she is eventually defeated by Traci, as she revealed that her part in this battle was to avenge her friend, and “family” member Sue Dibny. The pair form their new relationship together, beginning with a kiss.

    Jaime & Traci
    Jaime & Traci

    When they next came into contact with each other, Jaime called Traci to get her expertise in an incident related to magic, as Giganta tore through La Dama's house. Traci was helping Edo and Detective Chimp with a closed Room murder in Russia.

    While chasing down a criminal selling Fake helmets of Nabu, Traci offered Jaime her advice on how to deal with the Spectre – That he couldn't do it. She also suggested that the next time they meet, they go on an actual date rather than talking “business”.

    When Blue Beetle took the fight for the freedom of Earth to the Reach directly, Traci was there to protect his family from the Reach's assault from space. She also aided La Dama, the Posse and Peacemaker in the protection of the Reyes family from Reach agents. After the Reach are official defeated, by the newly reformed Justice League International as well as Jaime, Traci and the others relax in the Reyes family garden.

    Traci is next invited along to meet Jaime's family, on his fathers side. None of them speak any English, which leaves Traci in an unenviable position of not knowing who was saying what. She offered to help Jaime deal with a situation where the Ley Lines were being upset in Ciudad Juarez, but Jaime handled it solo.

    Traci and Jaime were out on a date when a number of misguided youths summoned a demon into El Paso. Traci couldn't identify the Demon, and spent many hours researching in a large, occult library, only to discover that the demon itself was not a real demon, but a revenge spell worked by three kids to get back at their teachers – Traci solved the situation, but left Jaime feeling helpless as there was nothing he could do.

    After a short time apart, Traci appeared with Jaime as he and his father traveled into Mexico to uncover information about drugs giving kids super-powers. Since magic had been acting strangely, Traci was unable to do anything that didn't involve Carrots for that day, and set about helping Jaime and his father, to deal with the mobsters and super-powered drug users in any way she could.

    Traci was present for the attack of the Khaji Da Revolutionary Army, as they attacked the Blue Beetle at his prom. After a pitched battle, Jaime had all of his bones broken, and Traci flew out to visit him in hospital.

    Teen Titans

    After dating Jaime Reyes for a while, Traci was persuaded by his friend Brenda to take part in the open-auditions for the new Teen Titans. While at the Titan's Tower, Traci engaged in sparing with Spoiler, but turned down the opportunity to fight against Bombshell, and ultimately, a membership with the Titans.

    Traci was present at the Titans Tower as Brother Blood managed to escape from Hell during the War that ravage it. Using Kid Eternity as his portal in this realm, Traci helped the other Titans to battle him, but lost him when he usurped the abilities of Kid Devil, rendering the hero powerless.

    When next Traci and the other Titans met up, Traci went out on a double date with Jaime, Kid Devil and Aquagirl, where she avoided addressing Aquagirl's shameless flirtation with Jaime, as the Fearsome Five broke into, and some of the inmates out of, the meta-human holding facility. Traci teleported the team to a higher vantage point and used her magical abilities to poke a hole in Jinx's containment field around the facility, to help the Titans rescue Wonder Girl. Traci later took on Jinx, and channelled the anger of the city itself to help her defeat the otherwise more powerful and experienced witch, leading her to decide that she never wanted to feel those powers again. Traci was in attendance of the funeral for Kid Devil as well, to help support her boyfriend.

    Alternate Versions

    Sorcerer Kings

    In an alternate reality, Traci 13 is a member of the remaining heroes, now all powered by Magic. When Blackbriar Thorn, Morgan Le Fey, Felix Faust and Brother Blood harness the power of Dark magic to turn the Sun into a magical furnace and summon demons forth, she stands with the JLA, led by a magic powered Superman and Batman.


    Flashpoint Traci
    Flashpoint Traci

    In the Universe of Flashpoint Traci's mother was alive right through her Teens. Her family, including her father, had accepted magic and that she was a Witch. However, Traci's mothers abilities of precognition alerted her to her death, and her families death at the hand of the Atlantean super-weapon, powered by Geo-Force. Paris was flooded and Traci's mother and her two daughters were killed, as Traci's Mother had spurred on her abilities to transport her and her Father away from the destruction.

    Some time later Traci acts out against her fathers wishes. He wants nothing more to do with magic, and it is clear that Traci has been experimenting. She now possesses the number 13 tattooed on her head, and a large scar down the side of her Face. After a fight with her dad, and a tarot reading by her friend and confidant Madame Xanadu, she returns to her home, to discover that it is an operating base for the organisation called HIVE. Her father, along with the other members of the HIVE decide the best way to end the war between Aquaman and Wonder Woman is to attack the planet from space. Interrupting the meeting of HIVE and suffering at the wraith of some of the super powered members, including Osiris, she teleported herself away. She discovered Madame Xanadu dying, and cradled her in her arms in her final moments.

    Now, travelling across the world and visiting various people across its surface, she begins to understand the cryptic message that Madame Xanadu gave her as she died. She travels across the face of the Flashpoint world meeting Red Tornado, Natasha Irons, Jason Todd, Beast Boy, Guy Gardner and Circe before eventually surfacing in the middle of the climactic battle between Aquaman and Wonder Woman. It's here she discovers that her father has been using and learning magic as well.

    In an attempt to prevent her from dying at the hands of his Satellite laser array, Doctor Thirteen fights against Traci, but ultimately, by tapping into the power of the Earth and the people she met on her travels, Traci is able to cure her father of his malicious intent, as well as reconcile their relationship. Using this opportunity to redeem himself, Doctor Thirteen uses the last of his magical abilities to fly into space and destroy the Satellite array. However, when he thought himself dead, Traci manages to snatch him from death and teleport him back to Earth, where they would continue their lives away from the madness of HIVE and heroes and villains.

    Powers and Abilities

    Traci Thirteen has "urban magic" and can tap into the magic of cities to cast spells, teleport , fire blasts of magic energy, create mystic force shields, and can even transform her pet iguana, Leroy, into a dragon. During her tenure in the Blue Beetle series she shows increased proficiency in any kind of magic, becoming able to teleport, conjure simple items and clothing, using her astral projection to communicate with distant people and access to magic spells unrelated to the urban setting, as a full blown member of the Homo Magi race. It is known that Traci is highly experience in witchcraft, as she practice it often, making her knowledge on occults higher than those of teenaged magic practitioners such as Zachary Zatara and Black Alice had no clue on any gods to invoke which Traci replied "Great, you use magic but don't practice it.".

    Other Media


    Teen Titans: The Judas Contract

    Traci in Teen Titans: The Judas Contract
    Traci in Teen Titans: The Judas Contract

    Traci is a minor character in the film. She works in a soup kitchen, in which Blue Beetle offer himself as a volunteer. He seems to have a crush on her. Traci has a shirt with the numer 13. She is voiced by Masasa Moyo.

    Young Justice Outsiders

    In October of 2016 it was announced that WB would be reviving Young Justice for a third season set to air in 2018. At San Diego Comic Con 2017 the first promotional images were released and the show runners revealed that Traci, now called Thirteen, would join the season 3 cast as part of the team.


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