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Tracer has described himself as a "machine god" that was created by the artificial intelligences of other machines in order to be worshipped. He claims that he becomes stronger over time as more machines come to worship him the longer he operates.  


Tracer was created by Peter David and Mike Wieringo

Major Story Arcs

The Other: Evolve or Die

While robbing the Bank of New York, Tracer was confronted by Spider-Man who sought to prevent the new villain from carrying out his crimes. With the use of his special "tracer" bullets however, Tracer was able to occupy Spider-Man long enough to make good his escape.  
Sometime afterwards, Tracer sought to hold New York City hostage by threatening to detonate a bomb unless his exorbitant ransom demand was met. Spider-Man and Iron Man managed foil his scheme, but Tracer escaped once again.  
The following night, Tracer infiltrated Avengers Tower after he'd learned from his machine worshippers that Spider-Man was currently living there. While making his way into the Tower, Tracer was also causing cars to swerve out of control, entire computer grids to crash, and a giant robot to rampage throughout New York City as a diversion. Once inside, Tracer met Aunt May, who he introduced himself to as a reserve Avenger named "Tommy," who'd been left on monitor duty while the other Avengers were busy dealing with Tracer’s “machine revolt.” Tracer casually conversed with Aunt May, even telling her of his supposed origin and his plan to kill Spider-Man, until Spider-Man finally returned and attacked the villain. During their battle, Tracer managed to analyze Spider-Man’s DNA and realized that Spider-Man was dying. Insulted because he'd wanted to prove himself by facing Spider-Man at his prime, Tracer ended his assault and reigned in his mechanical worshippers out of a form of respect for his dying opponent. Apparently "dying" in some way, Tracer's skin melted away, revealing himself to have apparently been a robot all along. 

Powers and Abilities

Tracer has demonstrated the ability to communicate with and control virtually any machine and computer, including such highly advanced systems as the Iron Man Armor. He can also analyze blood, tissue, and/or DNA samples simply by scratching someone.  
He has shown to be highly intelligent: constantly analyzing and adapting to his situation, demonstrating an ability to think things through even under pressure, and also devising complex back-up plans in advance.  
Tracer's primary weapons are a pair of guns that are loaded with bullets capable of relentlessly tracking and pursuing a target, with the bullets being able to evade and/or go through virtually any obstacle in order for them to reach their target.

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