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    A novice straight from the academy in issue #1, Robyn is the daughter of former Precinct 10 member Colonel Lilliput (Who appears in The Forty-Niners).

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    Robyn Slinger is the first character we meet, upon opening the first issue of Top Ten. Riding the train to work, she meets several of her fellow officers, including Jack Phantom and Irma Geddon, as well as Captain Traynor - formerly Jetman - and her new partner, Jeff Smax. Initially dealing with a case of spousal abuse, the two later join King Peacock and Synaesthesia in investigating a murder scene, where Robyn discovers the flying saddle used by the victim, Stefan 'Saddles' Graczik. Returning to HQ, the force eventually moves to stop a 'goose-juice' manufacturing plant, revealed to be headed up by Professor Gromolko, one of the chief architects behind Neopolis back in the late forties. Upon interrogation, however, Gromolko shoots himself dead. Returning home after an uncomfortable encounter with Jack Phantom, Robyn talks about the events of the day to her father, whom, suffering from Alzheimers, doesn't respond.

    After an incident with a 'Zen Cabbie' - wearing a blindfold whilst driving - Robyn reveals he was the same Cab driver who got her to work the previous day. With Detective Synaesthesia, the two make the Cabbie take them to 'where they're supposed to be'. They end up outside the Neopolis Musueum, a building dedicated to the construction of the relatively new city. Inside, it's revealed that, despite the museum being derelict and dangerous, it is in fact where they are supposed to be, finding none other than the companion of their recent homicide victim, Marta 'Boots' Wesson.

    Her partnership with Smax eases up substantially after he has a dream where his former partner, Stochastic Fats (shot through the eye at home), informs him that he should take better care of the people he works with and cares for, and also cryptically informs him that he should 'protect Robyn from Caeser'. Initially assuming this to mean something regarding Hyperdog, one of his workmates, Jeff nonetheless becomes closer to Robyn and his fellow officers after this incident, even going as far as to pick Robyn up at home.

    The two work closely together up until the revelation that Commissioner Ultima, visiting the Precinct on a routine inspection, is a Xanite addict, and intends to destroy the station and possibly all of Neopolis to cover up her addiction. Robyn formulates the idea to deliberately give her all of the drug in liquid form, administered via one of her toys and a syringe. As Smax fights the errant Commissioner, who rantingly demands the drug, Robyn obliges. Ultima overdoses, and in her death throes, brings down a large section of the building on Robyn, who nonetheless survives, to encounter the Rumour.

    With Smax looking after her father, Robyn recuperates in hospital, and agrees to accompany Smax to his homeworld when she's better. There, she encounters an elf, who charmingly heals her still-broken leg. It is also revealed that Robyn may have royal heritage, with a reference to the Princess and the Pea - Given she can still feel the vegetable through numerous matresses. Smax, meanwhile, ever-dodging his emotional issues, lies to his family that Robyn is his wife, because he doesn't want to act on his attraction to his sister. The truth eventually comes out, however, and Robyn and Smax, accompanied by the elf and several dwarves, set out on a quest to slay the dragon that sent Smax running from his home in the first place.

    However, Morningbright, such is the dragon's name, reveals he has expected this all along, cryptically greeting Robyn. Robyn's toys not working in a world not advanced enough to have electricity yet, she eventually finds a way to defeat Morningbright with the periodic table, using a bolt of pure iron to slay the dragon. Returning home, Robyn reveals that Smax and his sister could be together, providing they're simply selective with the truth.

    Five years after the Ultima incident and her visit to Smax's homeland, it is revealed that Robyn's mother was Pandora and it is her infamous box that contains her father's toys. After using all of her toys to distract the Hell Ditch Pilgrim.


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