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    British anthology comic. Toxic! was formed by 2000AD veterans Pat Mills, Kevin O'Neill, Mike McMahon, John Wagner and Alan Grant. Unlike 2000AD (which Pat Mills launched back in 1977)Toxic! would allow creators work to be published while still retaining the rights and control over their work. Toxic! was intended to rival 2000AD by being more violent, brash and controversial, also by using full colour, unlike 2000AD which was still mainly published in black and white at the time.

    Toxic! featured early work for some later well known creators such as Mike Carey, Gary Frank and characters such as Marshal Law (who had appeared earlier in Marvel's Epic line), Accident Man and Bogie Man (also appearing earlier at publisher Fat Man Press).

    Despite initial strong sales, the comic failed to run strips consistently and creators were not paid on time leading to its cancellation and publisher Apocalypse being declared Bankrupt. Some of the characters found life at new publishers, such as Dark Horse and Atomeka and some even in 2000AD itself. Apocalypse did reprint most stories in the Apocalypse (1991) series.

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