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    He was 98 pounds of solid nerd... until he became The Toxic Avenger! Melvin Junko is from the toxic crime infested town Tromaville, New Jersey. He's the toughest S.O.B. to ever wear a tutu!

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    Melvin Junko, also known as Melvin "the Mop Boy" worked at the Tromaville center for fitness as a janitor. Scrawny, Weak, Ugly, and somewhat slow, Melvin was always the butt of cruel jokes and mean spirited pranks. Particularly from an unruly group of four seriously troubled punks named Bozo, Slug, Wanda, and Julie. They torture poor Melvin daily, both mentally and physically. Everyday their pranks elevate to a slightly more violent level. Julie eventually comes to Melvin in private proclaiming that she is fed up with Bozo's disgusting behavior and that she wants a more sensitive and caring boyfriend, and that she has always thought that Melvin was cute. She tells him that her favorite color is pink, and that she will only make out with him if he is wearing pink. This causes Melvin to protest that pink is a "Sissy" color, but ultimately he ends up putting on a pink ballerina outfit complete with a fluffy pink tutu. She then proceeds to entice him, and convince him to meet her in the pool area in the dark. Melvin finds his way to through the dark to what he believes is Julie, only to have the lights turned on and it is revealed that he has been kissing a sheep. The entire group of bullies plus all of the people working out at the gym are staring and laughing. He attempts to run away in shame, only to be chased by Bozo and gang until he falls out of the window and into a barrel of toxic waste sitting on the back of a waste disposal truck which has been illegally parked in front of the gym, due to the negligence of the drug addicted drivers. His flesh begins to mutate as he catches on fire. Melvin makes his way back home and tries to wash the chemicals from his body but only succeeding in making the issue worse. he passes out and when he awakes, he has been transformed into a mutant monster of superhuman size and strength known as the Toxic Avenger.

    Donning the Name of the Toxic Avenger aka Toxie for short. Toxie's body is filled with Tromatons, which are chemicals that automatically give him the ability to sense danger and evil and gives him an uncontrollable urge to destroy it. He begins systematically cleaning up Tromaville, Killing Cigar-Face and his crew who are torturing a cop and a woman in a alley, Also killing a group of terrorist in a Taco Shop, saving a young blind woman named Sarah who becomes his girlfriend and biggest supporter. But the Corrupt Mayor soon takes notice of Toxie's growing community support, and is worried that the Toxic Avenger may soon be coming for him. So when Toxie kills a seemingly innocent old lady. He issues orders for the police force to kill Toxie. But the civilians don't stand for it for long when they find out that the old lady was not innocent and was in fact the leader of a slavery organization. Still the city's support of the Toxic Avenger does not stop the Mayor from challenging Toxie head on, though Toxie comes out on top, when he disembowels the mayor.

    Going to Japan

    After Toxie and Sarah part ways, he eventually meets a new girlfriend whom is also blind named Claire, he and Claire both take up jobs at the Tromaville Center for the Blind. Things are going well, up until a group called Apocalypse blows up the Center for the Blind in an Attempt to kill Toxie. Toxie and Claire survive the blast but no one else does. Toxie proceeds to kill several members of the apocalypse corporation, thinking he has succeeded in chasing the out of town. But the Chairman who is the Leader of Apocalypse has a new plan, the Japan branch of Apocalypse has invented a machine that can take the Tromatons from Toxie's body rendering him powerless. But the Machine cannot be moved to the US, so they pay off Toxie's psychiatrist to trick Toxie into thinking his long lost father is in Japan. and That his name is Big Mac Junko. Toxie who is extremely excited to meet his father, sails to Japan. Once in Japan he makes friends with a young Japanese woman whom he saves from being mugged and killed. The two the go around cleaning the scum out of Japan all the while searching for Toxie's dad. Eventually they come across the man they believe to be Big Mac Junko, in the local fish market. but when Toxie meets his father his Tromatons begin to act up and he realizes his father is evil. When they learn that Big Mac Junko has been smuggling fish filled with cocaine, a fight breaks out when Toxie must fight Big Mac, Big Mac uses the Machine to corrupt The Toxic Avenger's Tromatons, but Toxie manages to get the upper hand when he throws Big Mac onto the local sushi chefs cutting board. The sushi chef begins to hack up Big Mac. But Toxie is weak and dying, when the Japanese girl takes him to a sumo masters dojo, the Sumo wrestlers treat Toxie, and all is well. until he makes his way back to Tromaville.

    Returning to Tromaville

    Toxie returns to Tromaville only to discover that it has been taken over by the Chairman and the Apocalypse corporation. Hesitant to take Toxie on Directly, the Chairman sends his greatest soldier, a Motorbiker named the Dark Rider, in a high-speed chase Toxie Battles the Dark Rider and eventually gets the victory when the Dark Rider is Blown up after wrecking.

    Sick of being out done the Chairman reveals his true form, Satan. Satan the prince of Darkness and Tromaville's Greatest hero the Toxic Avenger do one on one battle. Toxie is nearly beaten until he discovers one of his new powers he picked up in Japan. the ability to Urinate acid. He uses this to Defeat the Devil and once again save Tromaville. He is then introduced to his real father Big Mac Junko, and it is revealed that the man he fought in Japan was actually Big Mac Bunko, who had been ruining Junko's name and credit for years.

    The Noxious Offender

    For 15 long years the Toxic Avenger and Tromaville lived in peace. Until a rip int the space time continuum merged Toxie's Reality with a parallel one, in which he was a Villain known as the Noxious Offender. Looking virtually identical to Toxie, Noxie used this to his advantage to make Tromaville hate Toxie. but eventually the two were forced into battle in front of both worlds. Toxie won this time not only saving his Tromaville but also saving Noxie's Tomaville. The Two Tromaville's got along splendidly and became one shared world with Toxie as their protector.

    Toxic Abilities

    The Toxic bath Melvin took transformed him into a hulking creature with enhanced abilities. Such as:

    • Superhuman size & strength
    • Danger sense
    • Courage to stop crime
    • Evil sense
    • Invulnerability to injuries

    Weapon use:

    Toxie's signature Weapon is a mop and on occasion bare hands.

    Other Media:


    Troma Entertainment has released 4 Toxic Avenger movies:

    -The Toxic Avenger

    -The Toxic Avenger Part II

    -The Toxic Avenger Part III: The Last Temptation of Toxie

    -Citizen Toxie: The Toxic Avenger IV


    The Ultra-Violent and sexually active Toxie seemed to be the least likely super-hero to receive his own animated series, especially being a creation of Troma. But in the early 90's it happened with the show Toxic Crusaders, which also had it's own toy line, and yes these were both geared towards kids!


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