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    The size altering mutant known as Tower for the most part was a mercenary for hire, which led him to join the Alliance of Evil. He was later killed by the X-Cutioner.

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    Tower's past is mostly unknown. It has been revealed that he was born in Atlanta, Georgia. In his career as a mercenary, Tower was been hired by Dr Carl Maddicks to kidnap the Beast for him. Tower used his size-altering powers to sneak into the apartment of Beast's girlfriend Vera Gantor. When Tower grew in size, he destroyed her apartment and took the Beast with him. X-Factor later encountered Tower again when he was a part of Apocalypse's team, the Alliance of Evil.


    Tower stated that he was against the Mutant Registration Act, and would willing act out against it. After his time as a member of the Alliance of Evil ended he would struck out on his own. Tower harassed a small Mexican village when he encountered the technological, mutant hunter known as X-Cutioner. A battle was short-lived and resulted with Tower's death.


    X-Force #22
    X-Force #22

    Tower was revived by Eli Bard using the Trans-mode virus. Along with dozens of other resurrected mutants, he was sent to Utopia to attack and kill as many X-Men as possible. The attack was a diversion to prevent the X-Men from traveling to Genosha where Selene planned to sacrifice of the mutant souls to become a Goddess.



    Tower had the mutant ability to shunt mass to and from his body from an unknown extra-dimensional source, thus allowing him to either shrink down to mere inches in height or grow to incredible heights. When growing his strength would grow proportionately and increase thereby producing what looked like super strength, increased resilience and density.


    In battle, Tower effectively used his mutant power to grow and shrink in mass quite well in battle. Due to his size, he is usually the first in battle. He is also usually the first to leave battle as he is quite dim-witted and boorish. More than anything else, Tower is more of a nuisance then an actual threat.


    • Known Relatives: Unrevealed
    • Citizenship: Citizen of the United States; with a criminal record.
    • Place of Birth: Atlanta, Georgia
    • Marital Status: Single
    • Occupation: Deceased (Formerly: Terrorist and Mercenary)
    • Education: Unrevealed
    • Height: Variable, normally 6'2"
    • Weight: Variable, normally 355 lbs
    • Eyes: Blue
    • Hair: Blonde


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