Tower of Fate

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    The haven of Doctor Fate.

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    Usually appearing as a slim, but tall, brick tower crowned with ramparts standing alone in a forest clearing near the town of Salem. The Tower of Fate is usually portrayed as larger on the insides than it appears from the outsides. A cold and lonely tower without windows and doors.

    At the conclusion of the Elongated Man's journey though the 52 series, Ralph ended up on the inside of the Tower where he confronted Felix Faust, who had been posing as the Helmet of Nabu for weeks in an effort to fulfil another of his infernal bargains. Turning the tables on Faust and his master; Neron Ralph tricked Neron into killing him with his own wedding band, sealing both Faust and Neron within the Tower with the help of a spell fate had taught Ralph. Both Neron and Fauth would eventually escape however, Neron under his own power and Faust by tricking Black Adam after the death of his wife Isis.

    Animated Appearances

    The Tower of Fate appears in the DCAU a number of times alongside its master Kent Nelson and his wife Inza, usually as a far slimmer structure than reason might allow once the inside is revealed. Housing both comfortable lounges and strange extra-dimensional rooms that defy physics along with rooms specifically designed to aid certain people in their journeys onwards.

    Superman: the Animated Series

    The Tower appears along with Fate in the episode The Hand of Fate, where a disillusioned Kent has retreated to under the belief that his struggles against evil is ultimately meaningless.

    Justice League & Justice League: Unlimited

    The Tower of Fate first appear in The Terror Beyondepisode where the Towers magical origins are revealed, as Superman is first unable to breach its walls from the outside, whereas the magic-disrupting mace of Hawkgirl breaks it easily. Inside they find a room that seems to hang in space, connected by staircases, leading to a sacrificial altar.

    Later on the Tower would become the refuge of several heroes, such as Amazo (who's taken up residence there since The Return) and Hawkgirl (having arrived after the events of Starcrossed), both seeking a meaning with their lives after prior events. Aquaman also appears regularly to play chess with the pair, despite loosing to Amazo every single time and finding Shayera with little interest in the game. In Raise the Dead it is revealed that Dr. Fate had insisted on banishing Hawkgirl's Nth-metal mace, as its presence disrupted the fundamental magic's he needed to flow unobstructed through his home.


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