Touta Konoe

    Character » Touta Konoe appears in 29 issues.

    Grandson of Negi Springfield and a current member of the organization of immortals, UQ Holder.

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    Current Events

    With Touta's new found determination to become much stronger after seeing the large difference in strength between Fate and himself, he requests special training from Evangeline, only to be denied and granted a new mission to capture a criminal immortal. Touta and his team succeed in accomplishing the assigned mission that ended up proving to be more demanding that previously assumed and with the completion, Touta is thrown into another event (Mahora Martial Arts Tournament) with his encounter with Mana Tatsumiya, an old acquaintance of his grandfather.


    Touta Kanoe is the grandson of Negi Springfield. Touta is an outspoken cheerful character and the main protagonist in the manga, UQ Holder. After his parent's death two years ago in a car accident, Touta was granted temporary immortality by his current guardian and mentor Evangeline A.K. McDowell or as Touta likes to call her, Yukihime. Due to the events two years ago, Touta has no recollection of his past. He lives his life in the countryside, with dreams of going to the Capital and climbing the "Heaven's Pillar," a space elevator located in New Tokyo. Yukihime instructed Touta that he could only leave the countryside after he defeated her in combat, and Touta tries and fails every day.

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    After his most recent failure to beat Yukihime, Touta and his friends get help from Tachibana, a bounty hunter disguised as a teacher. Tachibana's scheme works after Touta hands Yukihime a bracelet that restricts magic. Touta realized what was going on when Tachibana attacks his friends and Yukihime. Touta intervenes but loses his arm and gets stabbed in the heart in the process. As Touta lays on the ground grimacing in pain and blaming himself for the attack on his friends and his guardian, Yukihime interrupts him and points out to him that he's still alive even though his heart had been pierced.

    Evangeline reveals to him that he had been granted temporary immortality by her two years ago which allowed him to stay alive even in his current situation. She then proceeds to give him two choices; to either let things sit as they are, and he turns to dust or lick her spilled blood from the battle with Tachibana and turn into a Vampire, gaining real immortality. Touta chooses to become a Vampire and with the sudden burst of power, he regains his lost limbs and defeats the bounty hunter. With Yukihime's Vampire identity now revealed, she and Touta now head for the Capital, New Tokyo.


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