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The character was created by Len Wein and Paris Cullins during DC's only run of the Blue Beetle starring Ted Kord. The character evolved with the series and is first seen stealing Ted Kord's girlfriend's (Melody) purse.


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Amelinda Lopez was a young thief in Chicago who was hit by a truck while a stealing the purse of Melody Case. Amelinda was infused with promethium from Dayton Industries by Mento after his agents to kidnap her from the hospital. Perhaps due to Amelinda's criminal background and the non effect the process did to her human appearance, she is one of the few Hybrids who serves Dayton willingly. She is lightning quick, street-smart, and engages in snappy talk during battle.

Touch n' Go was briefly seen as part of the small army of female supervillains assembled by Circe to take over New York City, and opposed by an equivalent force of superheroines led by Wonder Woman. During the clash she absorbed Jessie Quick’s Superspeed and was delighted by the experience.

Sometime later Touch n'Go along with former teammates of the Hybrid Gorgon, Prometheus, Pteradon Harpi, Sirocco and Behemoth were counted among the "Fallen Players of the House", a fight club run by the vileness Roulette.


Marital Status: Single (minor)

Known Relatives: None

Base Of Operations: Dayton Industries properties throughout the world ; later Mobile

Height: 5’4” Weight: 115 lbs

Eyes: Blue Hair: Black

Powers and Abilities

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Before the Promethium infusion Amelinda was in decent physical shape, and a capable sprinter and gymnast. However after the Promethium entered her body Amelinda was than able to temporarily steal the kinetic energy of anyone she touches, thus adding their strength, speed and skill to her own. It has not yet been determined exactly how much energy she can absorb at any one time. She is an average street fighter who relies on her powers for combat.

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