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Plot Summary

In the future, a menacing figure rises to power: Lord Chaos. Lord Chaos has the powers of the Titans of Myth, and is the son of New Titans’ member Donna Troy. Lord Chaos conquers the world, and rules it with an iron fist. In this timeline, the meta-gene has exploded, causing more super-powered individuals than before. An underground network of heroes is created, calling themselves the Team Titans. The Titans, formed by a mysterious member of the original Teen Titans, are set to bring down Lord Chaos’ reign. Five members of the Team Titans, Killowat, Mirage, Nightrider, Redwing, and Terra, along with their sentient wristband Prestor Jon, travel back in time to try to stop Lord Chaos before he can take over the world.
The Team Titans set their sights on Donna Troy. They believe that, if they kill Donna Troy before she gives birth to Lord Chaos, that they can prevent their future from happening. However, their first attempt was a failure, with Redwing captured by the New Titans and interred in S.T.A.R. Labs. Unbeknownst to the New Titans, the shape-shifter Mirage replaced Starfire, and has infiltrated the New Titans. However, Lord Chaos has also come back in time, in order to assure his birth.
 Lord Chaos versus the two Titans teams
 Lord Chaos versus the two Titans teams
As Donna Troy goes into labor, she is brought to S.T.A.R. Labs. Mirage, as Starfire, sees her opportunity, and frees Redwing in order to kill Donna before she gives birth. However, Deathstroke and the New Titans but a stop to the assassination. The Team Titans also arrive at S.T.A.R. Labs, and a free-for-all starts. The fight is stopped by Lord Chaos, who steals Donna Troy. Lord Chaos makes sure Donna gives birth, then kills her.
Thought to be dead, Donna Troy comes back with the powers of a Titan of Myth. Now Troia, she hunts down Lord Chaos to retrieve her son. The New Titans and Team Titans team up, and aid Troia in defeating Lord Chaos. The Titans and Lord Chaos fight on the site of the old Titans Tower, but they group is transported to the Planet of the Gods. Once there, Lord Chaos is erased from existence, and the powers within Donna Troy and her newborn son Robert Long are removed. Donna and husband Terry Long are reunited, and the teams are returned to Earth.


 Team Titans #1
 Team Titans #1
The Total Chaos crossover was released by DC Comics during the fall of 1992. Written by Titans’ longtime scribe and New Teen Titans creator Marv Wolfman, the crossover event served to kick off DC’s new series Team Titans. The crossover took place over the course of six issues of New Titans and Deathstroke the Terminator, and the first three issues of Team Titans. To help capitalize on the launch of Team Titans, DC also released five versions of Team Titans #1, each one with a different 19 page origin of one of its members.
While the Team Titans were introduced in the pages of New Teen Titans Annual of the previous year, they were only part of a subplot in the pages of New Titans until the Total Chaos event. With the addition of the reintroduction of the Team Titans, the Total Chaos crossover also highlighted the first appearance of Rose Wilson in the pages of Deathstroke, and new Team Titans member Battalion

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