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    The daughter of Thor and Sif. She is one of the Next Avengers of the animated movie.

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    Torunn is the daughter of the Avenger Thor, the Asgardian Thunder God, and Sif. After the vast majority of the Avengers were defeated and killed by Ultron she and fellow offspring of the fallen heroes were brought up and raised in seclusion on an island by an aged Tony Stark. Out of her group of friends, she is the strongest and toughest, and is aided by an enchanted sword, similar to both her mother and father's respective weapons. She shares a link with this weapon allowing for hands free control and only those deemed worthy may hold it. She often wonders and reminisces of her father and the golden gates of Asgard, although the nature of his seeming abandoning of her is a sensitive issue, and she often quietly talks to him in private, wondering if he can hear her or is watching. She is close friends with fellow Avengers children Azari, Henry Pym Junior and James Rogers, despite having differences with them on occasion. She is watched over by an aged Tony Stark.

    She often tries to speak in a grand and authoritative manner, since it make her feel closer to her father. She can be easy to temper all the same. She was instrumental in defeating Ultron.


    Torunn first appeared in the Marvel animated movie Next Avengers Heroes of Tomorrow, written by Greg Johnson, Craig Kyle, screenplay by Christopher Yost. Eventually this alternate future reality was referenced in comics, and Torunn debuted in comic form, in Avengers #1 (2010) written by Brian Michael Bendis and drawn by John Romita Jr.

    Major Story Arcs

    Torunn: Daughter of Asgard

    After the death of Odin, Thor was called to the throne of Asgard, it is suspected that at some point around that time that Thor and Lady Sif had a daughter whom they named Torunn. Also at some point during this time, Captain America and Black Widow have a son called James, Black Panther and Storm have a son called Azari, Giant Man and Wasp have a son named Henry (aka "Pym") and Hawkeye and Mockingbird have a son named Francis (aka "Hawkeye")

    Two years later, Thor sends Torunn to live on Earth in the hope that she will learn the humility he had learned during his time on Earth, but unknown to him, Ultron attacks the Avengers and he is left unable to help his friends because of his duty as king. During the battle with Ultron, IronMan's armour is severely damaged and he is told by Captain America to get the children to safety, Tony quickly gathers up the children, except for Francis (who is presumed dead) and escapes to the Arctic Circle in the Quinjet.

    12 Years Later, now in exile, the children have become teenagers and having grown up, with stories of her father, Torunn tries desperately to emulate him, in the hopes that he will come for her and bring her back to Asgard.

    This brings her some resentment, however, as while the other three are orphans, Torunn was pretty much abandoned by her parents and when James brings it up, the two fight, forcing Tony to break them apart. The trouble between them is soon forgotten with the impromptu arrival of the Vision, who shows up in their quarters, badly damaged and with news that Francis Barton is still alive.

    While Pym and Azari spy on Tony and Vision, Torunn and James find the mechanical counterparts of their parents: the Iron Avengers, James activates them and inadvertently gives their position away to Ultron, who quickly re-programs the Iron Avengers and attacks the chidrens' home. Buying them time, Tony dons his armour once again and takes Ultron head on, so the children can escape with Vision's head to the Savage Land, but instead, Pym re-programs the ship to take them to Ultra City where they are attacked by Ultron's sentries.

    Avengers The Heroic Age

    Torunn and her fellow Avengers appear to have grown more ruthless, and they are seen killing a version of Kang the Conqueror.

    Powers and Abilities

    • Superhuman strength
    • Superhuman speed
    • Superhuman stamina
    • Superhuman durability/Invulnerability
    • Flight

    Magical sword grants:

    • Powers of Mjolnir

    Other Media

    Next Avengers Heroes of Tomorrow (2008)


    The Avengers are defeated and their children are raised in seclusion to live on and behold the Avengers legacy. Torunn is the daughter of the god of Thunder Thor and Asgardian warrior Sif. Torunn is voiced by Brenna O'Brien.


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