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    Torune is a high ranking member of Root, a division of the ANBU, and originates from Konohagakure. He is close friends with fellow member Fu and member of the Aburame Clan. Danzo chose him as one of his bodyguards when he became interim-Hokage.

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    Not much is known about Torune other than that he is a high ranking member of the Anbu sub division "Root" formed by Danzo Shimura. Torune is held in high regards by Danzo, and is hired to protect him along with his partner Fu. Recently it has been revealed that Torune is a member of the Aburame clan.


    Torune's overall appearance is pretty basic, his clothing consists of a black body suit with a white sash that hangs around his waist holding a bag of sorts. His shoes have holes in the ends, making them similar to sandles in a way, and he wears a back pack with a tanto, much like the other members of the Anbu. He has black hair and wears a mask that covers most of his face, though his eyes mouth, nose and cheeks are visible.


    It is highly likely that Torune has been suppressed of his emotions, much like Sai and the other members of Root and this shows in his personality, but this could also be attributed to being a member of the Aburame clan. He is rarely shown to speak, and remains calm and level headed in all situations.


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    As a member of Root and one held in such high regards Torune is likely an incredible combatant but he has rarely been shown in battle. In his fight with Tobi he has shown great skill in wielding kunai, and has shown great team work with his partner Fu. Quickly making the necessary plans to fight Tobi's space time jutsu. So far his most dangerous technique are microscopic bugs that make their home on his body. With just simple skin contact Torune can infect his opponents with these bugs, that begin to poison the skin and waste it away. This process is incredibly painful and works fast as it quickly took Tobi's arm away. Torune has also shown to be able to remove these bugs, as he did when his partner Fu was infected. This ability is rare even amongst the Aburame clan.


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