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    Torrent is the daughter of Wolverine and Storm.

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    Torrent possesses the psionic ability to manipulate the weather over limited areas, it is unknown if her powers have expanded to global range like her mother. She can stimulate the creation of any form precipitation, such as rain or fog; generate winds in varying degrees of intensity up to at least hurricane force; raise or lower the humidity and temperature in her immediate vicinity; including lightning and other electrical atmospheric phenomena; and disperse natural storms so as to create clear weather. By channeling certain atmospheric elements, Torrent can direct the path of certain effects, such as wind and fire bolts of lightning from her hands.

    Torrent is able to fly by creating winds strong enough to support her weight and propel her forward through the air. It is unknown how fast she is able to travel under her wind powers. Like her mother, Torrent's powers over the atmosphere should enable her to breathe at any speed, protect her from air friction, and grant her limited immunity to extreme heat and cold.

    Torrent also possesses an accelerated healing factor. While most normal humans heal injuries over a long period of time, Torrent's healing factor speeds up that natural process. If Torrent's natural healing is anything like her father, she can heal extensive injuries (such as broken limbs) in a matter of hours to days. Like her father, this factor gives her a higher resistance to poisons, disease and toxins, and she can recover from almost any injury. The more extensive the injury, the longer the healing time will be.

    Also like her father Torrent has an extremely bad temper,but her mothers good attitude. She is highly trained as a fighter and as stealthy as an assassin. Torrent has her fathers agility, danger sense, and super smell and hearing sense.


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