Character » Torquemada appears in 211 issues.

    Nemesis the Warlock's ultimate foe.

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    A fanatic in the future, who wants to protect humans, and wants all aliens dead (yet, he doesn`t really care about other human beings). He was a powerful figure with alot of subjects, whom he rules with iron fist. He was killed by Nemesis during some of his first appearances.

    That didn`t stop him from coming back as a ghost. He continued to spread terror all over the world and galaxy.

    He ordered to have Nemesis and his allies killed.

    A multi part, first saga of Nemesis ended to the epic fight between the forces of Torquemada and Nemesis. Torquemada possessed various corpses, and tried to kill Nemesis. But, Nemesis killed him instead. Again. Which didn`t stop him from returning.

    At one point, the two enemies had to unite, to fight against a grand threat. It was a temporary union, of course.


    -He named himself after a famous, long dead Spanish inquisitor.


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