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Michael Sitvak designed the powerful Torpedo suit for what th thought was a noble purpose: national defense. But when he learns that his sponsor, Senator Eugene Sitvak--who is also his uncle--plans to use the suit to conquer the country. Wearing the suit while trying to destroy the plans. Michael tangles with Daredevil and happens to bring a building down on himself; he is unburied by Brock Jones. former pro football player and now a vice president of Delmar Insurance.


Brock Jones (and the original wearer of the suit, Michael Stivak) both first appeared in Daredevil issue 126 (1975). While Michael Stivak died the same issue, it was Brock Jones that took up the name and became the hero known as Torpedo.

Major Story Arcs

Taking up the suit

With his dying breath, Michael explained to Brock what he was trying to do and why, and asks Brock to take the suit and use it for good.Brock accepted Michael's plea and became the superhero known as Torpedo.

Meeting ROM and Death

The Death
The Death

Brock succeeds in destroying the plans and becomes The Torpedo. After a while, he learns that a Senator named Sitvak is in league with the alien beings known as Dire Wraiths. While Brock was investigating, the Dire Wraiths attacked his Connecticut home disguised as rocket-suited Rocketeers. He then quits his job and moved his wife Lorraine and children Ann, Tammy and Daniel to Clairton for anonymity. While there he meets and befriends ROM, the Spaceknight. ROM was an alien being bent on wiping out the Dire Wraiths on Earth. Brock helped Rom against the Dire Wraiths on a number of ocassions. Rom took-off to space forawhile, and Brock was left to hold the fort. Poor Brock however couldn't fight the Dire Wraiths by himself and was killed along with most of the town of Clairton.


The Torpedo has nuclear-powered jets on wrists and ankles which enable him with supersonic flight and pack a devastating punch. His battle suit provides him with damage resistance and also can generate shockwaves


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