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    The first bearer of the suit that Turbo now uses.

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    Torpedo II
    Torpedo II

    Michael Sitvak designed the powerful Torpedo Armor for what he thought was a noble purpose: national defense. But when he learns that his sponsor, Senator Eugene Sitvak-who is also his uncle-plans to use the suit to conquer the country. Wearing the suit while trying to destroy the facility in which Sitvak staged his world conquering plans, Michael tangles with Daredevil and happens to bring a building down on himself. He is unburied by Brock Jones a former pro football player and now a vice president of Delmar Insurance. Brock's world would change as he is requested by a dying Michael to use the high tech suit to save the country from Sityvik's plans. Although in shock from realizing what he was being asked of, Brock decides to go through with donning the suit wanting to be a hero and regaining his former fame. It is at this moment that a new Torpedo would come into the world.


    Brock Jones was not the original wearer of the suit, Michael Stivak who first used the suit had his first appearance in Daredevil issue 126 Oct (1975). While Michael Stivak died the same issue, it was Brock Jones that took up the name and became the hero known as Torpedo. Brock would appear in the very following issue Daredevil #127 in Nov (1975). After appearing various times in the series ROM he would be killed in issue #50, Jan (1984).

    Major Story Arcs

    Taking up the suit

    With the altercation with Sitvak and with his dying breath, Michael explained to Brock what he was trying to do and why and asks Brock to take the suit and use it for good. Brock accepted Michael's plea and became the superhero known as Torpedo, never imagining just what he had agreed to get involved with would cost him everything. As Torpedo he had various short encounters with various other heroes such as the Defenders. When the Defenders put out a public membership drive many heroes shown up for the tryouts including Torpedo, briefly joining the roster for a day.

    Meeting ROM and Death

    The Death of Brock Jones
    The Death of Brock Jones

    Brock succeeds in destroying the plans and keeps wearing the suit as Torpedo. After a while, he learns that a Senator named Sitvak is in league with the alien beings known as Dire Wraiths. While Brock was investigating, the Dire Wraiths attacked his Connecticut home disguised as rocket-suited Rocketeers. He then quits his job and moved his wife Lorraine and children Ann, Tammy and Daniel to Clairton for anonymity.

    While there he meets and befriends ROM, the Spaceknight. ROM was an alien being bent on wiping out the Dire Wraiths on Earth. Brock helped Rom against the Dire Wraiths on a number of occasions. Rom took-off to space for a while, and Brock was left to hold the fort. Poor Brock however couldn't fight the Dire Wraiths by himself and was killed along with most of the town of Clairton.

    Legacy Continues

    The suit was than shipped to Philip Jeffries, Brocks first cousin who inherited the suit. Although put away for many years and its whereabouts not known to Brocks former enemies it would torn up. the Torpedo suit would come to be worn by various people in the future. One was the young son of Philip, Michael Brent Jefferies. Unfortunately Michael did not have much talent or luck using the suit, and than his friend Michiko "Micky" Musashi also wore the suit, exceling in its use. Michael would also be killed by the Wraiths, eerily duplicating the death of his uncle. The title Torpedo would be retired but Turbo in his and Michaels legacy continues being a hero.

    Personal Data


    • Real Name: Brock Jones
    • Identity: Secret
    • Legal Status: Citizen of the United States of America, Deceased
    • Place of birth: Bronx, New York
    • Marital status: Married
    • Occupation: Former adventurer, former Delmar Insurance Vice President, former football coach, former professional football player
    • Base of operations:


    • Height: 6'0"
    • Weight: 220 lbs
    • Hair: Blond
    • Eyes: Blue

    Powers and Abilities

    Brock has no superhuman powers of his own. He is fully reliant on his Torpedo Armor when going to action. As a former NFL professional football player Brock kept in great shape and trained in extensive body building and athletics.

    Torpedo Armor

    Faster than a speeding bullet
    Faster than a speeding bullet

    The Torpedo Armor (see Torpedo Armor) has nuclear-powered jets on wrists and ankles which enable him with supersonic flight and pack a devastating punch. The winds produced by the armor can lift up to c. 20 tons. The battle suit provided him with good amount of both energy and blunt damage resistance and also can generate powerful shockwaves. It has a sophisticated tracking device and can see through the disguises of the Dire Wraiths no matter what shape they take.


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