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    Toro - Counter Earth

    Benito Serrano is a member of the Young Allies of Counter Earth (aka Heroes Reborn Earth). Alongside Bucky (Rikki Barnes), Kid Colt, IQ, O, and K, they fought to bring order to their world after the transition from the 'bubble universe' to 616 Counter Earth left their world an political and ecological mess. The Young Allies have encountered normal Earth's Thunderbolts, Dr Doom, and recently the Exiles who they helped defeat Proteus before he could destroy their world.

    Benito was a young Colombian who was subjected to four years of adrenal-steroid experiments by local drug lords which granted him his powers. Benito can turn into a humanoid bull like form which is super strong, tough and bulletproof.

    Benito Serrano - 616

    A young Benito Serrano is shown to be kidnapped from his sister to serve in a war in Colombia; in the premier issue of Young Allies. After years of being brainwashed, Benito ranks as a model recruit and adopts the name of El Toro. He is subsequently chosen for an experimental genetic modification procedure which unexpectedly causes his childhood memories to flood back during the enhancement. This sudden reminder of his past causes Benito to escape.

    Benito is next seen in New York City where he still struggles with speaking English. He is being quizzed as to where his family or class is whilst attempting to visit the Statue of Liberty. Following the sighting of an explosion in the city, Benito expresses a desire to head to the city however he states that he believes it's too far to jump. Benito shortly rescues Arana after an attack causes her to head towards the Statue at an uncontrollable speed. Toro returns to the combat alongside Arana, Nomad, Gravity and Firestar shortly before the alleged bastard Warhead, the supposed 'son of Radioactive Man', who creates an explosion.


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