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Tom Kenny, honest hard working farm hand is caught up by a cyclone and whirled about above the earth for house, finally deposited in another state unhurt, he finds that somehow the cyclone has imparted some of it’s power to him so that he has the strength of 12 men and can run as fast as 70 miles per hour.

Unfortunately he has also lost much of memory, remembering only that his name is Tom other than that, such as the rest of his name, or were he lives is lost to him.

Also he has the weakness that he can’t bare being out of the open, and away from the wind for long, and if he is inside for two long his strength first returns to normal, and then he starts to grow weaker and weaker until he can’t even stand. However if he can get even a window open so he can feel a breeze he is soon return to full strength.

Determined to discover who he is Tom starts a city by city bus tour of all the cities in the state he landed in hoping one of the towns he passes though will bring his memory back.

While on this search he takes time to help out people with his new found abilities.

At first Tornado Tom, also known as the Human Whirlwind, wears normal workingman clothing, before long however he starts to show up wearing only red trunks and boots.

By his last appearance in Cyclone Comics #5 Tom has yet to regain his memory.

He has not been seen since.

Current Events

Tornado Tom was last seen in Cyclone Comics #5. He is a part of Holyoke comics.

Powers & Abilities

As a result of the cyclone Tom was in, Tom gained the strength of 12 grown, peak men. He also had the ability to run as fast as 70 miles per hour.


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