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The Hellfire Club are back, and they're planning something big! And what telepathic game is Emma Frost up too? Plus: Wolverine takes it upon himself to replace the Danger Room, and teach the remaining students of Xavier's!

Emma's mental tricks are getting out of hand, as she takes Cyclops through a tour of his own personal Bug Room! And as the Hellfire Club put their plans into motion, SWORD recieve word on the prophecied destroyer of the Breakworld.

The Hellfire Club attack, and they attack hard! Cyclops has been set "free"! Beast has been de-evolved! Wolverine is a small kid! Colossus fights, and loses! And after being forced to phase under the Institute, Kitty Pryde is the only one who can save her team mates! And onboard the S.W.O.R.D. craft, it's time for breakout!

Kitty Pryde and Armor witness horrific things! The Hellfire Club find what they want, and what they need to get it!

Danger and Ord arrive at the Institute, and they're not happy! Armor takes charge, Kitty is living a nightmare and there is a S.W.O.R.D. mole within the Institute!

Cyclops is awake, and decides to go on a shooting spree! Blindfold confronts the feral Beast! Emma is found, but will her rivalry with Kitty get her killed?

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