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Torin was a gifted engineer who was once arrested for "crimes against the state" and consigned to work as a prisoner (called a "zek") on the engine rooms of skyfurnaces. His service eventually earned him position as chief engineer on the finest ship of the fleet, the U.R.R.S. Konstantinov as well as his freedom. Despite having been given his freedom, Torin choses to remain with the ship.

He is greatly respected, not only for his skills and leadership, but he has shown himself capable of great feats of sorcery, including transforming himself into enough pure energy as to replicate a full power ventral blast of the Skyfurnaces' engines. He and Urik Antares have worked together for years and have great mutual respect for one another. When Urik proposed mutiny, Torin was the one who assured him of 2/3 of the crew's loyalty to him.

Torin is a highly skilled engineer and powerful rogue sorcerer.

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