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Chapter Titles

  • Gourmet 190: Knife vs. Kitchen Knife!! (ナイフVS包丁!! Naifu Bāsasu Hōchō!!)
  • Gourmet 191: Otake's Partner!! (大竹のコンビ!! Ōtake no Konbi!!)
  • Gourmet 192: Hidden Hors D'oeuvre!! (隠された前菜!! Kakusareta Zensai!!)
  • Gourmet 193: The Members of the 0th Biotope!! (第0ビオトープ職員!! Dai-zero Biotōpu Shokuin!!)
  • Gourmet 194: The Four Beasts!! (四獣!! Shijū!!)
  • Gourmet 195: Dinner At Zen-O!! (膳王の晩餐!! Zen-Ō no Bansan!!)
  • Gourmet 196: The Four Beasts Invade!! (四獣侵攻!! Shijū Shinkō!!)
  • Gourmet 197: 4 vs. 4!! (4vs4!! Yon Bāsasu Yon!!)
  • Gourmet 198: Over 100!! (オーバー100!! Ōbā Hyaku!!)

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