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    Torgo, the robot ruler of Mekka is a fierce warrior that leads the Hulk-Hunters.

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    Torgo is an advanced technological mechanical being. His creation, at the hands of an advanced humanoid race who had terraformed their own planet, known at the time as Maarin into  planet of metal substance. Also the creation of Mekkans, robotic servants. Torgo was created to be the largest and strongest Mekkan, and and he was also the first. Subsequent Mekkans being both smaller and weaker. Torgo also differed from other Mekkan's in that he had the capacity to take lives, where as most Mekkan's had Prime Directives, preventing them from killing. Eventually the Maarins died out due to a spore virus. Torgo renamed the planet Mekka 


    The robot Torgo is created by writer Stan Lee and artist Jack Kirby

    Major Story Arcs 

    Arena of Death 
    Torgo was once enslaved by the Skrull Empire and forced to fight as a gladiator in order to protect him homeworld.  While enslaved, he fought the Fantastic Four's strongest member; the Thing.  The two of them were evenly matched in both strength and fighting skill and each gained the upper hand, but spared the other's life, before teaming up to start an uprising of their fellow slaves/fighters while eliminating the Skrull threat to their homeworlds.  Torgo was seen employed by the Collector in order to kill Wolverine and stop the alien Aria

    Powers and Abilities 

    The largest and strongest of the Mekkan race, Torgo's strength initially enabled him to lift upwards of 25 to 50 tons, but eventually came to be significantly higher later on after upgrades, allowing him to fight on even grounds with similar powered beings like the Thing and the Hulk other class 100 ton characters.  As long as he head is undamaged, Torgo can rebuild his body, and he has access to gas and electrical weapons and attacks. Torgo can also fire beams from his eyes. Being made of an unknown metal, he is also rather durable, being able to withstand blows from the likes of the Thing and the Hulk.  
    Physical Characteristics 

    Height: 6'10
    Weight: 600 lbs
    Eyes: Red (formerly, white, black and yellow)
    Hair: None

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