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    Tores is the leader of a street gang in L.A. and Angelo Espinosa's a.k.a. Skin's former girlfriend. She possess the ability to absorb ambient psychic vibrations and channel it into explosive psionic force blasts.

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    Growing up in Lost Angeles, Miguela Tores managed to start a street gang, even though she was barely a teenager. Tores made friends with Angelo Espinosa and slowly made him a part of her crew. During a fight, Miguela’s mutant powers manifested and caused a car crash and Angelo used the confusion to fake his death and leave the criminal life behind. Angelo fled LA and joined Generation X. Years later, when Miguela learned the truth she vowed revenge and tried to help Bastion and his Prime Sentinels kill Angelo and his teammates. When the Sentinels turned on her Tores had to team up with Angelo to survive and the two formed an uneasy truce.


    Miguela can absorb the ambient psychic vibrations generated by the thoughts and emotions of people around her and focus and covert those energies into blasts of psionic force that cause both mental pain and physical damage on impact.


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