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    Torcher is a demon agent of Neron who found a new home with Snapper Carr in Happy Harbor.

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    Torcher was a demon that resided in hell. An agent of Neron, Torcher and his ilk were sent to Earth during the Days of Judgment to plague the people of Happy Harbor. Each demon sent would invisibly sit on people’s shoulders, whispering doubts and hatred into their ears, causing the inhanitants of Happy Harbor to become moody and eventually violent.
    Torcher’s subject was former Justice League mascot Snapper Carr. Snapper, though, realized something was going on, and used magic from one of Felix Faust’s books to cause the demons to become visible. With the demons now visible, the townsfolk were in a panic until Snapper came up with a plan. He enticed Torcher to give up Neron and join Snapper over some delicious cheesecake. Never having had cheesecake before, Torcher fell in love with the food. Torcher switched sides, and used his fire breath to destroy the other demons. Snapper invited Torcher to stay in Happy Harbor, and began to live at the Mad Yak Café.
    Through Snapper, Torcher met the third Hourman, and became part of Hourman’e entourage. Torcher accompanied the group on a tour through the timestream. With the death of the third Hourman, it is presumed that Torcher remains at the Mad Yak Café. 


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