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The tops used by Top were seen during his first appearance in The Flash #122.

Since this first issue the Top has used a wide variety of trick tops.

Types // Variations

  • Confetti Top - The very first top used by the Top. It spewed out a bundle of confetti that was incredibly strong and could entangle a foe; thus trapping them. A larger version of this top was later used by the Top that was powered by Flashes speed.
  • Smoke Top - This top created a very thick, black smoke that made it nearly impossible to see.
  • Atomic Grenade Top - This top was shaped like a grenade but had the spinning properties of a top. It had the blast power to destroy half of the earth.
  • Wire Top - Similar to the Confetti Top, this top spewed out a very thin metallic wire to wrap around foes thus trapping them.
  • Hologram Top - This top had the ability to create a vast amount of holograms that looked like the Top. The more it spun the more holograms that were created.
  • Strobe Top - This top flashed a series of very bright lights to blind its targets.
  • Pellet Top - This top fired a series of metallic pellets that stung their targets.
  • Fire Top - This top fired a series of intense flames; similar to a flamethrower.
  • Aging Top - This top was filled with a mysterious serum designed to age whoever is splashed with the liquid by 100 years.
  • Blacklight Top - This top projected an intense shroud of darkness while it spun thus making it impossible to see.
  • Tornado Top - The top spun so quickly that it was able to create a series of tornadoes.
  • Glue Top - This top contained a very sticky adhesive that was capable of gluing Flash's feet to the ground.
  • Paralyzing Top - This top created a specific set of vibrations when it spun that it was capable of paralyzing it's targets for a short period.
  • Satellite Top - This top was located in space and was used by the Top to stash his money and loot far away from the cops and other Rogues.
  • Explosive Top - This top created concussive force when it exploded, similar to a bomb.
  • Transmitter Top - The top contained a prerecorded message from the Top and was sent to Mirror Master after his death.
  • Earth Top - The top was a trap set by the Top within the ground. When activated it removed a top-shaped wedge of ground from the earth and spun at rapid speeds into the sky until it reached a certain point at which it'd come crashing down into the ground.
  • Laser Trap Tops - These tops spun in a circle at rapid speeds and hovered around their targets waist before firing a deadly beam of energy to vaporize whatever is caught inside.

In Other Media

The Flashpoint Paradox

The Top was seen using his trick tops during an attack on the Flash museum in the opening sequence of the film.


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