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    Topps Comics is a division of the American trading card publisher and gum/candy distributor the Topps Company, Inc. that published comic books from 1993–1998.

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    Topps Company Incorporated announced the formation of Topps Comics in March 1992. The company produced books until 1998 taking advantage of a short comics industry boom that attracted many investors and around 9 other new companies were formed in the same time period. The market experienced an increase in comic book market speculation that created inflated sales and the market eventually collapsed taking Topps Comics down with it in 1998.

    The company's president was Jim Salicrup (born: May 29, 1957) who started his career at Marvel where he started out as a messenger. In twenty years he worked his way up to editor and in 1992 he became the editor-in-chief of the newly formed Topps Comics until it's demise in 1998.

    They specialized in licensed titles, particularly movie and TV series tie-ins. In 1993 they launched their first superhero line called 'The Kirbyverse', but they are mostly known for their bestselling comic books 'The X-Files'. They were hard to produce because, according to Topps Comics scripter Tony Isabella there were a lot of difficulties writing for Chris Carter, stating in an interview in 2000: 'Whoever was approving the comics over in Chris Carter Land were the poster kids for anal retentiveness.'

    Comics produced by Topps Comics (possibly not complete):


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