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    The leader of the Pride Troopers and a long standing servant of justice, Toppo is an eccentric hero who has a lot of strength to backup his talk.

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    Toppo first appeared on the cover of V Jump October 2017 issue. His first manga appearance was in Dragon Ball Super Chapter 28 the following month in V Jump November 2017 issue.

    Early Life

    Toppo was a student of Belmod who he and Marcarita trained to be the next God of Destruction of the 11th Universe.

    Character Traits

    The leader of Universe 11 is depicted as being justice incarnate, as his slogan implies “JUSTICE!”, wise and rational, he is trusted and respected by his team, followed by them to the bitter end. Jiren being an exception, as his participation is unconditional, due to his ridiculous power level, that surpasses even the gods of destruction. Toppo and Jiren seem to operate separately which is what caused U11 to ultimately fail.

    Nearing the tournament's end, Toppo triggers a transformation after being cornered by Frieza and Android 17. He turns into God of Destruction Toppo, drastically changing his personality, throwing all that he seemed to believe in, to secure the existence of his universe. He is eliminated by Vegeta after a desperate power struggle between the two. Jiren criticizes Toppo for altering his convictions so drastically, although, after the tournament of power, they seemed to have mended their relationship and gained a deep respect for each other.

    Powers and Abilities

    The fear-inducing God of Destruction Toppo
    The fear-inducing God of Destruction Toppo

    In his base form Toppo is shown to be able to take on powerhouses like SSJ Blue Goku and SSJ Blue Vegeta, he was able to simultaneously hold off Android 17 and Ultimate Gohan. As a God of Destruction Toppo is terrifyingly powerful, he causes the most destruction to the tournament stage, splitting it in half and his hakai balls actually cause the forming of stars and nebulas in the infinite void of space. He is only defeated by a determined beyond SSJ Blue Vegeta, who was stated to be beyond the GoD’s.


    Base Toppo’s techniques all begin with justice in their name, such as the: Justice Flash, Justice Crusher, Justice Rear Naked Choke etc.

    As a God of Destruction Toppo can use:

    • Hakai energy- energy that can destroy seemingly anything, we are not sure if Toppo has used it to the full extent of his ability since his god of destruction instructed him everything but killing was ok.
    • Hakai energy ball- A sphere made of destruction energy, so powerful that it created a universe in an empty void and split the tournament stage in half, something that no other character came even close to demonstrating.
    • Hakai layer- Toppo covers his body with a layer of destruction energy becoming virtually invulnerable, Vegeta in a state that surpassed the GoD’s was able to knock him out tho.


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