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    Topolino means Mickey Mouse, and is the primary Italian Disney publication. Beginning in 1949, it was originally published at a monthly rate, then twice a month, but within a few years it became a weekly comic (which it still is to this day) thus making it one of the longest-running comic book publications in history.


    Mondadori: 1-1701

    Disney Italia: 1702-3018

    Panini Comics: 3019-current

    General Notes

    The following three issues don't actually exist:

    • Topolino #480 (February 7, 1965) was never printed due to a strike and as such the series numbering goes straight from 479 to 481.
    • Topolino #1370 (February 28, 1982) was also never printed due to a strike thus the series skips from 1369 to 1371.
    • Topolino #1531 (March 31, 1985) is the most recent Topolino issue to have not been printed due to a strike so the series jumps from 1530 to 1532.

    With #2009, the release date for the comic changed from Sunday to Wednesday.


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