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    An alien-warrior woman who is the Queen of Gwendor.

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    Warrior Queen of Gwendor
    Warrior Queen of Gwendor

    The Warrior Queen of a matriarchal dimensional realm where all men are slaves, she was accidentally brought to Earth by the Entity on the Moon and reluctantly became a member of Ultraforce. Topaz is a female supremacist; she believes that males are inherently inferior, and becomes quite easily angered when men talk down to women or act chauvinistic.

    Topaz has strength, stamina, and durability that are all significantly greater than those of normal Earth humans. She mentally creates a battle-staff which is able to project bolts of energy. Topaz is highly agile and athletic. She's also an extremely skilled warrior, with much experience in fighting superhuman opponents.

    Alternate Realities

    Ultraforce/Avengers #1

    In this alternate reality, Topaz is a member of the Avengers led by the Black Widow (formerly known as the Wasp).

    Other Media

    "regular" Topaz figure

    Topaz appeared in the Saturday morning cartoon, Ultraforce, that only consisted of 13 episodes in 1995. The short-lived animated series was produced by DIC Entertainment. Galoob released a line of action figures in support of the series.

    There were 2 versions of Topaz, a regular version and a "Queen Topaz;" only a limited number of the Queen Topaz figures were released, probably due to the failure of the series.


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