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    He is a villain with the ability to generate and manipulate centrifugal forces.

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    As a child, Roscoe Dillon was fascinated by the spinning of his toy tops. As an adult, he parlayed this obsession into his criminal career in the hopes that a gimmick would increase his profile. He developed a mastery over centrifugal forces.


    The Top was created by John Broome and Carmine Infantino. He made his first appearance in The Flash #122.

    Character Evolution

    Silver Age

    In his initial appearances, the Top was able to spin quickly, and by some unknown method this spinning enhanced his intelligence. The Silver Age also introduced his original and presumed current background. This version of the character frequently wielded tops of his own design that could be used as weapons or as support for his schemes.

    Bronze Age

    In the Bronze Age, the effect of his spinning was enhanced, and he gained massive psionic abilities. This Age also introduced his postmortem ability to possess the bodies of the recently deceased.

    Modern Age

    In addition to his previous psionic powers, Top also gained the ability to induce vertigo in people.

    New 52

    In the New 52, Dillon is able to generate and control centrifugal force. It is unclear if his backstory has changed. Dialogue implies his powers are derived from the Speed Force, but this is unconfirmed, as are the nature or extent of his powers. He does not appear to rely on tops, and also does not use his codename.

    Major Story Arcs

    The Top

    The Top commits various crimes that bring him into conflict with the Flash. Occasionally he teams up with the Rogues, and at one point is romantically involved with Lisa Snart, Captain Cold's sister. When his psionic powers develop, he tries to use them to defeat the Flash. However, his enhanced brain cells are unusually sensitive to the Flash's Speed Force vibration. Aware that he is dying, he plants a series of bombs across Central City. Shortly thereafter his brain overheats, and he dies.


    Now deceased, Top discovers that the is able to possess the bodies of the recently deceased. He takes over the body of Henry Allen, who died in a car crash, and learns that Barry Allen is the Flash. Teaming up with Lisa, driven mad by his death and now calling herself Golden Glider, he plots to kill Flash. Their plan is foiled when he tries to possess a still-alive Flash, and he is exorcised.

    The Secret of Barry Allen

    A short time later, Top takes control of a new body and continues wreaking havoc in Flash's life. As this is in the wake of the mind wipe of Dr Light, Allen brings the Top to Zatanna, asking her to manipulate his mind not only to render him no longer a threat, but to force him to become a hero. She does so, and the Top reforms; however, he is driven mad by a combination of the guilt of what he has done, and his villainous instincts warring with the brainwashing. Using his mental powers he attempts to force the other Rogues to reform, succeeding in permanently reforming Pied Piper, Trickster, and Heat Wave, while the others reject the new programming.


    Still insane, Top seizes control of the body of Senator Thomas O'Neill. He plans to run for president, but finds himself running for vice president instead. He plans to have Pied Piper assassinate his running mate upon their election, but their plan is uncovered by the new Flash. Thomas O'Neill's body is consigned to Iron Heights, but the Top himself is dragged back to Hell.

    Identity Crisis

    Flash receives a note from Barry Allen explaining what he did to the Top, and urges Flash to have it undone so that Top may regain his sanity. With Zatanna's help he tracks him down and does so. Restored to sanity, Top vows revenge.

    Rogue War

    During the Rogue War Top appears, alongside new Rogues that he has brainwashed to join him in meeting with the warring original Rogues and reformed Rogues. He removes the brainwashing on the reformed Rogues, causing them to immediately rejoin their villainous comrades. In revenge for pitting the Rogues against one another, Captain Cold freezes Top and shatters his body, killing him.

    Blackest Night

    Top is raised from the dead by a Black Lantern ring. He joins the other dead Rogues in assaulting Iron Heights. There, they are confronted by the living Rogues. He is frozen along with the other dead Rogues when they are consumed by the paradox of the Reverse-Flash.


    Dillon is hired by Professor Zoom to help him destroy the Flash. He joins the rest of his team in kidnapping Henry Allen, and later attacks Flash alongside Block.

    Alternate Versions


    A version of the Top from the 25th century, also called Top, appears as a member of the Renegades, a crime fighting organization.

    Powers and Abilities

    Dillon has the ability to generate and control centrifugal energy, to a variety of effects. He can use this power to lift or smash objects, and to repel people or attacks.

    Other Media


    Justice League: The Flashpoint Paradox

    The Top appears alongside several over Rogues. Initially attacking the Flash, they are betrayed by Professor Zoom, who attaches irremovable bombs to them. He is saved by Aquaman. He is voiced by Dee Bradley Baker.


    Justice League Unlimited

    Top makes cameo appearances in three episodes of this series. He appears in the background of a bar in "Flash and Substance", and as a member of the Secret Society of Super Villains in "Dead Reckoning" and "The Great Brain Robbery". He does not speak in his appearances.

    Batman: The Brave and the Bold

    Top appears three times on this show, making his first appearance in "Return of the Fearsome Fangs!" Later he appears as a prisoner in "Night of the Huntress!" and as a background villain in "Aquaman's Outrageous Adventure!" He does not speak in his appearances.

    The Flash

    A gender-swapped version of the Top, named Rosalind Dillon, appears as an antagonist who gains inherent abilities related to vertigo induction following the accident at S.T.A.R. Labs. She makes her first appearance in the episode "The New Rogues." She is portrayed by Ashley Rickards.

    Video Games

    DC Universe Online

    Top appears with the other Rogues as a sub-boss in Stryker's Island Penitentiary Alert, and later in the Central City Bounties section of the Lightning Strikes downloadable content. He is voiced by Robert S Fisher.


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