Top 10 #1

    Top 10 » Top 10 #1 - Top 10 released by DC Comics on September 1999.

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    The newest ongoing series from America's Best Comics follows a squad of super-powered police men and women unlike any other! With a painted cover by Alex Ross (KINGDOM COME, SUPERMAN: PEACE ON EARTH), the extra-sized TOP TEN #1 introduces the heroes and heroines of Precinct 10,  Earth's local branch of an inter-dimensional police force ? as they welcome a rookie member to their ranks. How will this new heroine,  code-named Toybox,  fit into a tightly-knit group that includes heroes in armor (one of them a talking dog), a scrap-metal robot (and its equally ramshackle inventor) and more?
    Robyn "Toybox" Slinger is the newest recruit of Top 10, the police precinct of Neopolis. She grabs a taxi driven by Bob "Blindshot" Booker, a zen cab driver that allows the cab to take them where they are meant to go. They arrive at the precinct and Robyn is greeted by Jack Phantom, a fellow police officer. She then meets Captain "Jetman" Traynor and Sergeant Kemlo Ceaser who show her around on her first day. After meeting other colorful characters that work in the precinct, Robyn is partnered with Officer Smax, who gives her nothing short of a cold reception. They respond to a domestic disturbance call and handle the situation efficiently. They are then called as backup for two fellow officers at a murder scene. While there, the two other officers, Synaesthesia and King Peacock, notice that Toybox and Smax aren't getting along too well and decide to make her feel more welcome. Toybox is able to assist in the investigation and finds some pertinent evidence on the scene. They return to the precinct to find Shock-Headed Pete and Dust Devil bringing in two prostitutes, Ophidia and April Showers, for soliciting and to scare them from continuing their endeavors, especially when there's a serial killer, the Libra killer, in Neopolis on the loose that kills prostitutes. Other officers like Irma Geddon and Girl One greet Toybox, making her feel more welcome. They are then immediately chosen to take part of a raid against a suspected drug warehouse, thanks to some evidence found at the murder crime scene. They arrive at the warehouse and Toybox captures Professor Gromolko, a villain and one of the chief founders of Neopolis. Gromolko is put into interrogation with a telepath, Spaceman. Spaceman begins to find information from Gromolko's mind but Professor Gromolko unexpectedly grabs Dust Devil's gun and commits suicide before any more information can be found. With the day over, Toybox grabs a beer with Jack Phantom at a local bar. Jack Phantom admits to being a lesbian but Toybox is not interested, so they part ways soon. Toybox goes home to her father, a former officer of Top 10, who is suffering from Alzheimer's disease.


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    More than a Decade Later, TOP 10 is still in my Top 10 0

    My favorite comics are the ones where someone takes a genre - the superhero genre in particular - and stands it on it's head. Finds a completely fresh and original take on it. And no one has done that more times than Alan Moore. Top 10 has a special place in my heart, because I have neighborhood discovery rights on this one - at a time when all my friends were picking up flashy Spawn retreads, I was looking at the actual names on the book - and Alan Moore had an impressive track record by the ...

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