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    A mafia boss in New York who has made his way into Spawn's life.

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    Antonio Carlo Twistelli. The boss of bosses in New York. Arrogant, brutal, and with a futuristic vision that continuously stays above the others. He is known as "Don Dracula" for its habit of stealing power to anyone. Born and raised in Villalba, Sicily,as the youngest son of a poor family of farmers. Despite this, they were superior to the rest of the community, because he had family in the Catholic Church, which allowed him to quickly ascend in the clergy.

    But Antonio was much more ambitious, his thirst for money and power led him to join to one of the toughest and violent gangs of Sicily. He soon proved himself as the worst, the most savage, but as the most intelligent. This caught the attention of the head of the Sicilian Mafia, who sent him to America at age 18, where they begin their criminal activities, under the name Tony Twist. As time went from a simple man in the street, to the powerful lord of the criminal empire of New York, earning the loyalty of hundreds of powerful men, one of them was Jason Wynn, who helped in many Occasion to cover their tracks.

    Later life

    When Violator started killing mob bosses Tony believed mistakenly that the murderer was Spawn, beginning a conflict that took more than a fright and bad times, and made the mistake of trying to pressure him attacking the Fitzgerald family. He needed a very powerful help,he asked the help of Overtkill, the mob killing machine, but only managed to stay with a debt, because Overtkill loses in her clashes with the Spawn. His bad luck continued when his organization was the target by the murderers of the Vatican and The Curse. Finally, to learn that Richard Massullo was in New York City, he devised a plan to deliver Richard in compensation for losing Overtkill, but the intervention of Spawn not only ruined his plan, but also left him without any of his men. He kidnapped Richard Massullo which resulted in the creation of Tremor. Tony Twist is at a serious crossroads in their plans for power. A road can take you to the top of organized crime, while the another may lead him to the warm arms of Hell.

    Other media

    Todd McFarlane's Spawn

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    Tony Twist appeared in the HBO miniseries, he was voiced by James Keane. When Wynn called in a favor to Twist, Twist had no choice but to comply. Calling in a favor with the Russians, Twist brought in Overkill to deal with Wynn’s “Spawn” problem. When Overkill failed and was returned in pieces, Twist’s liaison to the Russians was killed and his head sent back to Tony Twist.

    Twist nearly died when Spawn dangled him from the roof of his building when he was trying to run. Getting the information out of Twist that he needed, Spawn killed Tony Twist.


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