Tony Masters

    Character » Tony Masters appears in 25 issues.

    Gemma Masters's father and John Constantine's brother-in-law

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    Tony Master's was the husband of Cheryl Masters, John Constantine's sister. He is the father of Gemma Masters. He was very religious.

    In Tony's first appearance he was a member of the Resurrection Crusade.

    Reasons to be Cheerful and The Gift

    He is tricked by one of John's children, Saul Constantine, into believing that Cheryl is a witch, all part of a plan by Rosacarnis and her children to take away all the people John loves. He kills Cheryl by wrapping a pair of old tights around her neck. When John, Angie Spatchcock, Gemma, and Chas Chandler (possessed by Nergal) arrive he tries to attack Gemma but John knocks him out. He then commits suicide when he realizes what he has done. The First of the Fallen gives Cheryl a choice, though she is a pure and innocent soul, she can sacrifice to live in Hell so that Tony won't be twice damned, or she can return home to England. Cheryl chooses to remain with Tony in Hell, and Tony's punishment is split evenly between them.

    When he commited suicide he made his daughter, Gemma Masters, an orphan.


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