Tony Digerolamo

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    Tony DiGerolamo is a writer for the Simpsons and Bart Simpson comic books. He is the creator of the Super Frat webcomic and Complete Mafia for d20.

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    Tony DiGerolamo writes a whole lot of stuff. Visit him at for more details.

    Tony's Simpson comic credits include:

    Bart Simpson #40 (Feb. 2008)

    The Simpsons Winter Wing Ding #2

    Bart Simpson #35

    The Simpsons Summer Shin Dig #1

    The Simpsons Winter Wing Ding #1

    "A Load of Trouble" Bart Simpson #33

    "Angry Dad", "Hot Cider in the City" and "Homer's New Year's Resolutions" in The Simpsons Winter Wing Ding #1

    "Angry Dad in The Roller Skate" in The Simpsons #124

    "The Maggie & Moe Mysteries: The Disappearing Duchess" in Bart Simpson #31

    "The Great Train Wreck" in Bart Simpson #30

    "Angry Dad Trims the Hedges" in Bart Simpson #28

    "The Maggie & Moe Mysteries: M is for Zirconia" in The Simpsons #114

    "Nelson Muntz's Guide to Grown-up Nerds", "The Kiss of Blecch!" and "The Maggie and Moe Mysteries: The Case of the Willful Will" in Bart Simpson #24

    "Bait and Cackle" in Bart Simpson #22

    "Batter-Up Bart" in Bart Simpson #21

    "Bartless on a Tuesday" in Bart Simpson #19

    "Bart version 2.0" and "Invasion of the Baby Snatchers" in Bart Simpson #15

    "A Chair of One's Own" in Bart Simpson #9

    "Homer vs. the Raccoon: Parts I & II" in The Simpsons #77

    Tony's other comic book credits include:

    Super Frat: Rush Week Collection

    The Super Frat webcomic at

    The Travelers #0 thru #25

    Everknights -3, 1 thru 14

    The Fix #1 thru #4

    Rodney: The Alien That Smoked Pot

    Jersey Devil #1 thru #12

    Tony has also written for Space Ghost: Coast to Coast on the Game Tap website and jokes for Politically Incorrect with Bill Maher. He has two screenplay credits and writes for a variety of online TV shows including Zombie Country


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