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Character Origin

Tony was born Anthony Angelo Jr. and had a sister Roseanne Angelo. He had a normal life until his younger sister was molested and had her childhood stolen from her. He also saw a young girl named Helena Bertinelli go with a man who he suspected of molesting his sister.

Once he was an adult he joined the mob that rivaled the Bertinelli family. While in the mob he grew a strong disliking for a man named Pete. Pete was the same man he believed molested his sister but he was too powerful to do anything. That was until years later when Pete screwed up and a hit was put out on him. Tony volunteered for the job and strangled him outside of a restaurant.

The Bertinelli family however, was becoming more powerful and destroying Tony's allies and taken over their territory so Tony went to South America to hide. While in South America he leaned how to fight in hand to hand combat and he also learned how to use many kinds of weapons especially the crossbow. When it came time he went back to New York and joined the Bertinelli family as a member of their organization.

As a part of the family he worked himself up in the ranks until he became the body guard to Helena Bertinelli. Franco Bertinelli chose him to watch his only daughter. Helena resented Tony as a bodyguard and did what she could to lose him. This resulted to him not being around when her whole family and many members of the organization were killed by a man named Omerta the Silencer.

When Omerta found out Helena was still alive he started hunting her down but Tony found her first and hid her while he trained her in the same skills of fighting that he learned in South America. It is after this training the Helena becomes the Huntress. Tony stays with Huntress and it completely loyal to her. He stays by her side even when she finds out that he new about her molestation as a child.

Tony stays at Huntress side and is their to help her in most of her crime fighting but their friendship becomes strained when Huntress finds out the that Tony has lost his edge. Tony and Huntress were fighting a criminal known as the Bookworm. While Huntress was suppose to take out the Bookworm, Tony was suppose to stop his partner the Picture Man but Tony was unable to hold them because he couldn't shoot them, he just let them go. This is due to some trauma that Tony had lived through. Tony stays on a Huntress partner despite his failure and even gives her a bulletproof undercover, crime-fighting van that he designed.


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