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    Tonaja is a member of the Inhumans

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    Transformed by “Terrigen Mist” this race of super powered humans live in isolation and do not trust other humans. The Inhumans are a races of beings that split from humans 25, 000 years ago after an alien race called the Kree used primitive man for their own experiments hoping to create a super powered army for themselves. When the Kree left the Inhumans were left on Earth.

    Tonaja is a younger member of the Inhumans, and was a member of the same group of Inhuman children studying with Dinu, Neifi, Woz, Nahrees, Kalikya (Tonaja's best friend), and Telv (although Telv would be held back leaving onky the six to graduate that year). Together they would learn about Inhuman history and culture before the sacred ritual of Terrigenesis--a rite of passage for young Inhumans that will unlock his true genetic potential. Tonaja was paired up with Neifi during their studies. Tonaja is jealous of her classmate Nahrees, who is paired up with the rather attractive Dinu. Despite Dinu interest, Nahrees ignored his interest. Tonaja writes in her journal about her jealousy of (and rivalry with) Nahrees, as well as her fears about being exposed to the Terrigen mists. She fears what she may become and wonders what she will look like after the transformation.

    Tonja sees Nahrees and Dinu play with Lockjaw and ride him. She mutters out their so immature. Dewoz tells her she's just jealous because she like Dinu and he went with Nahrees. Dewoz decide for their last day before terrigensis to go see Maximus. Tonja talks to her grandmother and seems scared. The next day her adn the rest of the Inhuman kids who are going through terrigenisis goes through. Tonja comes out as a flier, adn one of the first flier's in 30 years.

    The day of terrigenesis can be a day of many mixed emotions for those involved. Under the watch of Carthus, Tonaja is exposed to the terrigen mists. Her skin burns, and grows over with a layer of green scales. Tonaja's hair turns thick and brown and she grows large, thin brown wings from her back. She breaks out of the terrigenesis chamber and stretching her wings flies high. She is the first flyer born into Inhuman society in over 60 years, a proud moment for her family. Woz is not as fortnate, and changes into the form of an Alpha Primitive. This change is an embarrassment and he is mourned as dead. Kalikya's hands and become elongated and she appears to have no other power. While the transformation has prepared Tonaja for an important life, Kalikya is relegated to a life of unimportance, a terrible fate for an Inhuman. Tonaja tells Kalikya that they can no longer be friends.

    Woz's terrible transformation was due to the control of Maximus, and he begins changing and developing his powers in the underground living space of the Alpha Primitives. War with human forces orchestrated by Maximus breaks out and Tonaja as well as Nahrees and Dinu become a part of the Royal Guard and are trained under Gorgon himself. On the front lines, Dinu breaks out of the protective telekinetic shields to assist the front line defenses. He is nearly fatally wounded, and Tonaja rushes to his aid and rushes him back to safety. It was here she encounters Kalikya again who is using her powers to heal the wounded from battle. Kalikya is able to heal Dinu enough that he will survive. Feeling bad for turning her back on her former best friend, Tonaja extends an offer of friendship to Kalikya. Kalikya, still hurt, rejects Tonaja's offer of friendship.

    By this time Woz has fully evolved to his true Inhuman form and was released from Maximus' control. Woz is capable of teleporting by moving through reflective surfaces such as mirrors. Woz and Tonaja develop a romantic relationship. Later, Tonaja is drafted into a mission to Earth in an attempt to integrate a small group of Inhumans into human culture. Tonaja does not want to go but Woz convinces her that it is her destiny. As a gift, Woz gives Tonaja an old mirror which is a family relic. Tonaja watches Woz in the mirror as she flies away from the comfort of Attilan to the Earth. There she becomes a student at an American university. Tonaja, who is considered quite beautiful among Inhuman culture is seen as odd by Humans. This pains her deeply.

    Going To Earth

    Tonaja sees San floating out of nowhere and picks him up and places him with the others. She tells him to leave the flying to those who should. Tonaja is in bed with Dewoz and sneaks out. She goes to see the sun rise on the dome. A Inhuman comes to her and tells her that she is summoned right away to the palace. She flies to the palace and asks Gorgon is this a military problem. She then hear Nahrees telling her if she steps down from her princess throne they would find out.
        After hearing she will be sent to Earth from Medusa Tonaja asks how long. Medusa tells her at least a year. She goes to talk to Dewoz about going to Earth. She's upset and tell Dewoz she's not going flying away. Tonaja goes to Gorgon and demands he get her out of this. She asks why he let them pick her. He tells her she wasn't picked but she was built for it. He tells her a story which gets her to think, that she need not fight but stay with the one's she love for her last day. Tonaja then goes to Dewoz and they see the sun rise on the dome with one final kiss. When first getting to their house Tonaja seems sad looking into the mirror. Tonaja comes to Jolen and tellls him her feelings about Nahrees. They make a pac to stay together.


    Tonaja has tough green scales covering her entire body. Her hair is thick and brown/red eyes. She has brown wings which are as large as her body which can be retracted into her back to a very small remnant. These wings allow her to fly in both the gravity of the Moon and the Earth. She possesses superhuman strength and durability, as well as enhanced speed while flying.


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