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The Tomorrow Syndicate are a team of the mightiest heroes residing in the world of 1963. The team consists of U.S.A., Horus, Hypernaut, N-Man, Inframan and Infragirl. Their secret headquarters is inside Mount Rushmore. The Tomorrow Syndicate investigate the bizarre appearance of advance weaponry from The Voidoid and strange temporal anomalies. They pinpoint the anomaly to the secret headquarters of Mystery Incorporated, the Mystery Mile, underneath New York City only to discover the base abandoned. They soon discover the Maybe Machine activated and journey into the portal into a realm called Alternity. Unknown to them, The Fury follows them behind them. After encountering many alternate worlds the Tomorrow Syndicate arrived to then present 1993 New York City in the mainstream Image Comics Universe.


The Tomorrow Syndicate assist The Fury to help a misplaced Shadowhawk, who traveled through Alternity into the world of 1963, to stop Comrade Cockroach from creating AIDS. They located the communist mutant insect but where halted by his allies Doctor Apocalypse, Anubis, The Red Brain, The Voidoid, and the Beastnik. After subduing their enemies, the Tomorrow Syndicate were too late to stop Comrade Cockroach from injecting the AIDS drug into a Soviet soldier. The syndicate was shocked to see Shadowhawk's rage against the villain. In a last effort to save Shadowhawk from AIDS they call Johnny Beyond for assistance. Beyond's efforts, however, proved to be unsuccessful.

A Touch of Silver/Big Bang Comics

The Tomorrow Syndicate's were last known appearance was in a crossover clash with the Big Bang Comics Universe against the Round Table of America over the possession of a possible new recruit - Silverboy. The young titanium teen hero was able to stop their feud and managed to get them to apprehand a pair of bank robbers. The crossover was really a dream sequence in A Touch of Silver. The dream was conceived by Timmy Silver.


The Tomorrow Syndicate is a homage to Marvel Comics' The Avengers.


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