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Tomorrow Man is the result of an attempt to create a super human soldier during the Vietnam War. He was selected from the Chaplain Corps and injected with a secret experimental serum that gave him incredible powers.

But the price of his new-found power was far too great for him to bear. He had became a death incarnate, an engine of destruction the likes of which no one had ever seen. He returned from the war to a country that spat on him, degraded him, and took away his dignity leaving him with only the cold memories of the hundreds upon hundreds of men, women and children who had died at his hands.

Without the Tomorrow Man serum being administered regularly, he began to slowly return to being a normal human. A crisis of conscience and faith led him to Father Gomez's church in New York. He found himself being attacked by a demon just as he was preparing to commit suicide.

Father Gomez, using the Vatican network an connections, was able to re-synthesize the Tomorrow Man formula. Tomorrow man was offered the chance to use his powers for good this time. Seeing an opportunity for redemption, he took it. Now he fights for good in an effort to wash away the sins of the past, even if it isn't really possible.

Currently, he resides in Quagmire with his adopted "daughter" May (Tomorrow Girl). They help defend the town from the seemingly constant stream of monsters and giant Hitler robots that always seem to be attacking it.

Major Story Arcs

The Toughest Contest In The World

Tomorrow Man competed in the toughtest contest in the world. His first round was against his old nemesis Rex Ruthless. Thanks to a little device made by Professor Gloom, Tomorrow Man relived his greatest moment of despair.

Thanks to a pep talk from the Ramen Rider, the heroes were able to defeat the villains in their next round, winning the contest.

Powers & Abilities

Tomorrow Man possesses the basic powers of Flight, Super-Strength, Adept hand to hand combatant, durability, enhanced senses, and natural leadership. However, he also has the ability of Time Travel, and is an excellent tracker.


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