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Member of the group Morlocks. Outcasts from society, the Morlocks were a community of mutants who lived in tunnels beneath New York City and its vicinity. While in LA with friends, Tommy wanted to experience the world above, but paid witness to all her friends murdered by a mysterious group of mutants. A mutant Richard Salmons had tried to come to her rescue, but Tommy had to witness the death of Salmons at the hand of the Marauder named Harpoon. Scared, she left Richard to die. She fled scared and alone trailed and hunted by the Marauders, arriving back to the Morlock tunnels but she was incapacitated, speared in the back by Harpoon and finished off by Scalphunter. She was therefore the first person to die in the Mutant Massacre. The Marauders continued into the Morlock tunnels with intent to slaughter the rest. The Marauders were mercenaries who had been hired by Sinister and lead by Gambit, to break into the tunnels and murder the Morlocks. Most had been killed some escaped, a few with the help of the X-Men and original X-Factor.

Years later, it was revealed that Tommy was one of the ressurrected Morlocks, by the work of the Five.


Tommy is a Morlock and a Marvel comics character. The Morlocks are underground group of mutants who are disaffected and feel shunned by society. Their name is derived from the H. G. Wells novel The Time Machine, which also features a group of beings who live underground. Tommy was created by writer Chris Claremont, artist John Romita Jr, and Dan Green, and first appears in Uncanny X-Men #210 released in 1986.

Powers and Abilities

Tommy has the ability to become as thin as a piece of paper so that she was in effect a two dimensional being. This made it easy for her to moved through very thin areas of escape which others could not fit through. She also has the ability to blend in with her natural surroundings allowing her a form of camouflage.

Physical Characteristics

Height: 5'3"

Weight: 110 lbs

Hair: Blond, Blue and Pink

Eyes: Rainbow

Other Media


X-Men the Animated Series (1992)

Tommy appears along with the other Morlocks. They were fighting the X-Men over Cyclops.


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