Tommy Tyme

    Character » Tommy Tyme appears in 23 issues.

    His Clock Didn't Tell Time, it Took Him Through it.

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    One day while playing hooky and fishing Tommy Tyme pulled up not a fish, not even a boot, but a lamp, a lamp with a genie in it.

    The genie told him he would grant him one wish, Tommy however was stuck as to what to wish for, “what do you hate most of all?” asked the genie, “School!” shouted Tommy.

    This led to the genie giving him the “Clock of Ages” which let Tommy travel to any time and any place in the past and then return to where he had been as if he had never left.

    Tommy mainly used the Clock of Ages to find out the answers to questions his mean history teacher asked him by going to that era and looking for the answer himself, this of course always led to Tommy getting in an adventure with anyone from Attila the Hun, to King Tut.


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