Tommy Twenty-Man

    Character » Tommy Twenty-Man appears in 9 issues.

    A Gen-active with super-strength derived by absorbing the strength of nearby organisms.

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    Twenty-Man Tommy and his sister Voodoo Doll (Sadie) are members of an independent covert operations team of Gen-actives with Nate and Trauma Queen (Leslie).

    Tommy and his teammates met Gen 13 at a exclusive party for Gen-actives. The two teams hit it off well. Gen-active criminal telepaths, retaliating for their brother's defeat by Burnout and Leslie, pushed the two teams into a brawl by tampering with their minds. After Leslie snapped them out of their rage, Tommy challenged Grunge to a game of "ferretlegging" (placing ferrets into their pants until one submits due to bodily harm by the ferret). Grunge won by secretly turning his torso into metal.

    Following the deaths of the Gen 13 team, Tommy aids victims of a gravitational disaster and a hurricane in Los Angeles as his team searches for an I.O. device to counteract the disasters on California caused by the release of Gen 13's powers.

    Twenty-Man Tommy has not resurfaced in comics since 2002.


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