Tommy Tomorrow

    Character » Tommy Tomorrow appears in 264 issues.

    He travels in his Planeteer spaceship and carries a variety of ray guns and weapons with him.

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    Tommy Tomorrow is the man who might have been Kamandi, if the great disaster had occurred. As it is, he did wind up in the bunker called Command-D. Here, after the death of his grandfather, Buddy Blank (OMAC) he was found by General Horatio Tomorrow of the Space Planeteers.

    At first, the boy was sent to an orphanage under a dome on an asteroid, but the lad's intelligence and aptitude for science impressed the general, who adopted him. Tommy attended Spaceport, the Planeteer's "West Point",, from which he graduated with honours and soon rose to the rank of Colonel. After a while, he was teamed with Captain Brent Wood, who was his companion on numerous missions.

    At first, the two mostly patrolled their own solar system, but as exploration fanned out to other systems, they spread out as well to bring law and order to these new worlds. Eventually, they volunteered for exploration themselves.

    Tommy's career was a distinguished one and he was decorated many times over. His exploits became an example of what a perfect Planeteer is capable of, and his legend carried through until at least the 25th Century.

    The Planeteers made a brief cameo, along with the Green Lantern Corps and the newly formed Darkstars. They were trying to help free Earth from the Fourth Reich who had defeated the JSA.

    New 52

    Colonel T'om T'mora is a fascist who has cracked the transmission cryptoson Tenebrian Dominion. He is one of the 27 at large individuals who are being hunted. Pamiera Syn and Rikane Starr of the Star Rangers are two of the others. T'mora is working on recruiting Stealth to join the resistance. He believes the came can be turned to their advantage. Stealth and Rick have been hunted for so long that they are amassing a following. This following can turn them into heroes or perceived heroes.

    Multiversity: Earth 37

    The Earth-37 version of Tommy Tomorrow reflects the version previously seen in the Twilight mini-series.

    Other Media

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    In episode 4 of the Harly Quinn animated series, Tommy Tomorrow appeared as a profile on a site that matched heroes and villains to be each other's nemesis. He was said to have a personalized ray gun.

    He also appeared in season 2 episode 13 in a line of heroes getting the key to the city.


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