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    Tommy Oliver is the longest-serving Power Ranger to date. Being a member of four unique teams and a leader for all of them, Tommy is considered to be the greatest Power Ranger of all time. In the comics, he is currently the White Power Ranger.

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    TV Show

    As the Green Ranger

    The Green Ranger Powers
    The Green Ranger Powers

    Tommy Oliver, the first Green Power Ranger was originally a foe of the Power Rangers. His powers were created by Rita Repulsa to act as her own evil ranger, placing an unwilling Tommy under a spell, turning him evil. After the spell was broken in a battle against the Rangers, he joined them as the sixth member of the team.

    When Tommy was captured once again by Rita, she began to drain his powers via the magic of the Green Candle. Before his powers were completely drained, he passed his powers to Jason Scott, the Red Ranger, in hopes to save them from being lost forever. Unable to stay a Power Ranger, he left Angel Grove.

    Sometime later, Tommy returned to Angel Grove, he was quickly teleported to the Command Centre by Zordon, who explained that his friends need his help once more. Accepting a temporary boost in his connection to the Morphin Grid, he once again became the Green Power Ranger. Eventually, his powers were lost after the destruction of a crystal that held his powers.

    As the White Ranger

    The White Ranger Powers
    The White Ranger Powers

    With the help of Alpha 5 and Zordon, Tommy was infused with the White Light of Good, turning him back into a Power Ranger. Making it impossible to be turned to darkness as long as he wielded the power of the White Power Ranger. When Jason, Trini, and Zack left the team, Tommy was made the leader in his absence. Needing to replace his missing teammates, he led the Rangers to an unknown planet to retrieve the Sword of Light and transferred the powers to Adam, Aisha, and Rocky.

    After Rita Repulsa returned to the Moon and married Lord Zedd, the current ruler of the Moon, the two created an evil clone of Tommy with the help of the Wizard of Deception. This new Green Ranger sent the rest of his team back in time, isolating Tommy from his friends. Discovering the location of the other Rangers, he saved them from being trapped in the past, bested the clone of himself, and destroyed its creator.

    Rito Revolto, the brother of Rita Repulsa, overwhelmed the Power Ranger's Thunderzords, destroying them for good. Having no choice, Tommy and the other Rangers searched the Desert of Despair for Ninjor, the creator of the Power Coins. Once the Power Coins were repaired, he granted the Power Rangers access to a new set of powers, the Ninja Powers.

    Tommy as a child
    Tommy as a child

    The appearance of Rita and Rito's father, Master Vile was disastrous for the Power Rangers. Using his magic, he turned them into young children, removing their access to the Morphin Grid, and leaving them powerless. In order to return to the right age, he was sent to retrieve a piece of a Zeo Crystal from a Native American village. During his time as a child, Tommy's team was replaced by the Alien Rangers from the planet Aquitar, led by Delphine, the White Alien Ranger. When he returned to the Command Centre and his correct age, the base was destroyed from within by a bomb placed within the depths by Goldar and Rito.

    Zeo Ranger V - Red

    Tommy as the Red Zeo Ranger
    Tommy as the Red Zeo Ranger

    Having narrowly escaped the destruction of the Command Centre, they accidentally discovered a new section of the base known as the Power Chamber. There, Zordon granted Tommy and the other Rangers the Zeo Powers from the recently rebuilt Zeo Crystal.

    During his time as the Red Zeo Ranger, Tommy received a letter from Kimberly Hart who had found a new love elsewhere and broke off their relationship with him. (For the events that led up to this from Kimberly's perspective, see Morphin Power Rangers: Pink). Because of this, he ended up dating Katherine Hillard, the Pink Zeo Ranger. He also discovered that he had a twin brother, David Trueheart who grew up on a Native American Reserve.

    After a mysterious sixth Ranger appeared out of the blue to help them as the Gold Zeo Ranger, Tommy began to question the identity of this new Ranger could be. Even asking the retired Billy Cranston if he was the new Ranger, who told him he wasn't. When the Gold Ranger was revealed to be the injured alien Trey of Triforia, he explained to the Rangers that he needed to transfer his powers to another while he returned to his own planet to recover from his problems. Tommy reached out to Jason to once again become a Power Ranger in their fight against the evil Machine Empire as the second on command Zeo Ranger.

    Tommy under the control of the Machine Empire
    Tommy under the control of the Machine Empire

    In the final stages of the war against the Machine Empire, Prince Gasket, son of King Mondo and Queen Machina, kidnaps and brainwashes Tommy into believing he was the ruler of the Machine Empire and that the Power Rangers were his mortal enemies. With the combined might of the Zeo Rangers and Bulk & Skull, they break the brainwashing on Tommy and return to safety with their leader in tow.

    Red Turbo Ranger

    A year after the Zeo Rangers defeat King Mondo, a new threat is made known to the team. The space pirate Divatox. Tommy and Kat travel to Africa to search for the alien wizard Lerigot who's fleeing from Divatox, who returns him to the safety of the Command Chamber. Knowing that the Zeo Powers are not enough to stop Divatox, Zordon reveals the Turbo Powers to Tommy and his team, transforming them into the Turbo Rangers.

    Discovering that Lerigot's family, Jason, and Kimberly have been captured by Divatox, the newly empowered team head to the magical isle of Muiranthias; before embarking on their journey, Justin Stewart, reveals that he is their new Blue Turbo Ranger. Tommy, hesitant to accept a child as a Power Ranger, allows him to join them on their journey as they have no alternative. Arriving too late to save their friends, Jason and Kim are sacrificed to the demon Maligore and are resurrected as his servants. Empowered with dark magic and easily defeat the Rangers while Maligore himself enters the mortal world. After breaking the mind control on their friends, the Turbo Rangers defeat Maligore with the power of the Turbo Megazord and return back to Angel Grove.

    After the departure of Zordon and Alpha 5, the alien known as Dimitria and Alpha 6 arrives at the Command Chamber to take their place. However, the new mentors did not help as much as they wished they could in the fight against Divatox.

    Attempting to remove Tommy from the equation, Divatox captured Tommy and brought him to the Vortex of Eternal Doom and Sorrow, only to be saved by the bravery of T.J. Johnson who risked his own life to save a stranger from a terrifying foe. Because of this act of courage and bravery, T.J. was chosen by Tommy to take his place as the Red Turbo Ranger and leader of the Turbo Rangers after he stepped down to focus on having a normal life.

    After leaving the life of a Power Ranger behind, he went to college to study paleontology and earned a doctorate in the field.

    Returning to the Fight

    Tommy's return
    Tommy's return

    A few years later, Tommy was contacted by Andros, the Red Space Ranger, informing him that he found the remnants of the Machine Empire who were attempting to rebuild Serpentera. A Zord created by Lord Zedd with the power to destroy planets. A call for help was sent out to veteran Red Rangers to help stop the remaining Machine Empire Generals from completing their plan and was accepted by every Ranger up to that point in time. During the fight, he used his Zeo Powers and led the team against the Generals.

    Dino Thunder

    Towards the end of his time in college, Tommy discovered fragments of the meteor that killed the dinosaurs, however, these fragments were superpowered with dinosaur DNA that granted the wielder their powers. Knowing that the Dino Gems if they were to fall into the wrong hands, hid them away for years until they were accidentally discovered years later by Connor, Kira, and Ethan who became the Red, Yellow, and Blue Dino Thunder Rangers.

    Tommy is encased in amber.
    Tommy is encased in amber.

    Now a fully-fledged doctor, Tommy moved to the city of Reefside and became a teacher at Reefside High where he would eventually find his new teammates. After mentoring his new teams for a while, he was once again captured by monsters but managed to escape on his own and took the Black Dino Gem along with him, allowing him to become a Power Ranger once again. However, in a battle against the evil White Dino Ranger, he was encased in amber and taken out of action for a few weeks. Once the amber was removed, Tommy was unable to leave his morphed form due to the effect the amber had on his Dino Gem.

    With the aid of the Shield of Triumph, Tommy is, at last, able to leave his morphed state, but, shatters his Dino Gem in the process, placing him into a coma. Whilst comatose, he fights dream versions of his previous Ranger forms, proving that he's willing to do anything to survive. Once he's out of his coma, he forgives Trent, the White Dino Ranger for what he did when he was evil as he was once in the position he was in.

    Tommy, alongside Kira, would destroy his once friend and now enemy Zeltrax in their final battle before the eventual destruction of Mesogog, leader of the army of evil. With the final evil beaten, Tommy officially retires from being a Power Ranger.

    Once a Ranger

    Tommy and his Master Morpher
    Tommy and his Master Morpher

    Like many, a Ranger has once said; Once a Ranger, Always a Ranger, this statement has been proven to always be the case for Tommy. Tommy Oliver has returned to the field to help out fellow Ranger teams. The first being to help the Megaforce against the Armada alongside every other Power Ranger team and the second being when against Lord Draven, who was creating robot clones of veteran Rangers.

    Equipment and Zords

    Green Ranger Arsenal



    White Ranger Arsenal


    • Tigerzord
    • White Ninja Falconzord
    • White Shogunzord


    • Power Morpher, Tiger Coin & Falcon Coin
    • Saba
    • White Shark Cycle

    Zeo Ranger V Arsenal


    • Zeo Zord-5 Pheonix
    • Red Battlezord
    • Super Zeozord 5


    • Zeonizer
    • Zeo Laser Blade
    • Zeo Laser Pistol
    • Zeo V Power Sword
    • Zeo Jet Cycle V
    • Defender Wheel

    Red Turbo Ranger Arsenal


    • Red Lightning


    • Turbo Morpher
    • Auto Blaster
    • Turbo Blade
    • Turbo Lightning Sword
    • Turbo Cart

    Black Dino Ranger Arsenal


    • Ankylozord
    • Brachiozord
    • Cephalazord
    • Dimetrozord
    • Parasaurzord
    • Stegozord


    • Brachio Morpher
    • Brachio Staff
    • Raptor Rider
    • Dino ATV

    Alternate Realities

    World of the Coinless

    For more see the Lord Drakkon page.

    No Caption Provided

    Lord Drakkon is a version of Tommy Oliver from a world that he rules. Choosing to stay evil, he destroyed the Power Rangers and killed Rita Repulsa so that no one could stop his path for world domination.

    This version would eventually enter the main timeline and wreak havoc across the multiverse in his conquest for power.


    During the events of the Shattered Grid story arc, the timeline was fractured and split into different realities. During this time, Lord Drakkon entered the Zeo reality, disguised himself, and killed that version's Tommy Oliver to gain his Zeonizer.

    Other Media

    Video Games

    Power Rangers Zeo: Battle Racers (1996)

    No Caption Provided

    Tommy appears as a playable character in the form of Zeo Ranger V Red. He is average in all three stats.

    Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers: Mega Battle (2017)

    No Caption Provided

    Tommy Oliver makes an appearance in the multiplatform side-scrolling beat-em-up game as a playable character as the Green Ranger.

    Power Rangers: Legacy Wars (2017) (Mobile)

    Tommy Oliver

    No Caption Provided

    Game Bio: Tommy Oliver is always there to lend a helping hand when things get tough. Stoic and good-hearted, Tommy is the epitome of what it means to be a Power Ranger.

    Released: 03/07/2017

    Green Ranger V2

    No Caption Provided

    Game Bio: From across the multiverse, an older, more-seasoned Tommy Oliver joins the battle!

    Released: 07/11/2017

    White Ranger Tommy Oliver

    No Caption Provided

    Game Bio: When Billy discovers Zordon and Alpha constructing a new White Power Ranger, the other teens don't take his revelation too well as they believe Tommy deserves his new powers. Though Tommy had lost his Green Ranger powers, Zordon deemed Tommy worthy and true of the new White Ranger power due to his courage, strength and honor. As the White Ranger, Tommy is the leader of the Powe Rangers.

    Zeo Ranger V Red

    No Caption Provided

    Game Bio: When Goldar and Rito stole the Zeo Crystal, Tommy and the Power Rangers thought they had lost their powers forever. But when they recovered the crystal, it's power made them even stronger than before. Tommy became Red Zeo Ranger V, leading the Zeo Rangers to protect Earth from the Machine Empire.

    Released: 01/09/2020.

    Black Dino Thunder

    No Caption Provided

    Game Bio: The mild mannered science teacher is not all he seems. Tommy Oliver, long standing Ranger, takes up the mantle once more as the Dino Thunder Black Ranger. He recruits three students chosen by the Dino Gems and fights alongside them using his powers of invisibility and the Brachiozord.

    Released: 03/19/2018.

    White Ninja Ranger

    No Caption Provided

    Game Bio: After Rito Revolto returned to Earth, taking advantage of the damaged Command Center, he destroyed the Rangers Zords and Power Coins, leaving the Rangers unable to Morph. Tommy and the other Rangers went on a mission to find the Power Coin's creator and restore the Morphing power to defeat Rito.

    Released: 09/04/2021.

    Red Turbo Ranger

    No Caption Provided

    Game Bio: Since Power Rangers Zeo, it was time to shift into a higher gear. Tommy obtains the powers of the Red turbo Ranger to fight against Divatox after she launched an attack on earth. With a little help, Tommy can pull out of the last mission as a ranger, without first leaving a successor for the Red Turbo Ranger powers.

    Released: 21/01/2023

    Power Rangers: Battle for the Grid (2019)

    No Caption Provided

    Tommy Oliver is a playable character in the multiplatform fighting game. Originally playable as just in his Green Ranger costume he can now be played in his Green Ranger V2 and White Ranger costume.

    Game Bio: Rita's evil spell on Tommy was broken, he joined the Power Rangers team as the Green Ranger. Stoic and good-hearted, Tommy Oliver is now always there to lend a helping hand when things get tough.


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