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Tommy Jarvis was a 12 year old Crystal Lake resident who lived with his mother and older sister. Tommy was obsessed with horror and science fiction, and enjoyed playing video games and creating professional quality rubber masks. His life was shattered when his mother was killed by Jason Voorhees. Tommy then disguised himself as a young Jason and tricked the killer into approaching him, then slammed a machete into Jason's skull. Although this move killed Jason and kept him dead for several years, Tommy paid a heavy price; traumatized by the events, he became a quiet, very angry young man prone to hallucinations, nightmares and psychotic rage-fits, and spent the rest of his adolescence in and out of institutions.

One of Tommy's most frequently recurring nightmares was that Jason would rise from his grave on a stormy night. This nightmare would prove tragically accurate in several years.

It was in one of the many institutions Tommy was imprisoned in that a deranged paramedic named Roy Burns struck; taking on Jason's mantle and killing staff, patients and surrounding residents. Tommy defeated Burns just like he had defeated Jason, but was so traumatized that immediately thereafter he seemed poised to take on Jason's mantle himself. Whether he harmed anyone or if this was yet another hallucination is unknown.

Tommy eventually recovered through unknown means and was released, but was still haunted by the memory of Jason. Trying to face his demons, he and a friend named Hawes dug up Jason's corpse on a dark and stormy night with the intent of destroying it, but accidentally revived the maniac when a pole he had jammed into the corpse during another rage fit was struck by lightning. Tommy's nightmare had become a reality. Jason killed Hawes and several other locals. Tommy's attempts to get help against Jason led to him being imprisoned by the local sheriff, who thought Tommy himself had committed the murders given his case history. Tommy was able to defeat Jason once again with the help of the sheriff's rebellious daughter, but he knew his victory was only temporary this time now that Jason was imbued with artificial life.

Since then, Tommy went into hiding, training himself for whenever Jason will strike next.


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