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    Tom Bronson was the illegitimate son of Ted Grant (Wildcat) who had powers of his own.

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    Tommy Bronson grew up having a father who did not know he even existed, but he at least knew about his father. His mother, Marilyn Bronson, was a bank teller who was involved in an attempted robbery by the Gambler. It was merely an attempted robbery because Wildcat put a stop to it. His mother and Ted Grant went out for drinks later, and the expected happened. Tommy was born nine months later. His mother chose to never get in contact with Ted to inform him because of the lifestyle Ted led. She figured the man did not need more to worry about in his life. Tommy came to a similar conclusion when he was old enough to decide for himself what to do about his father. Plus, everything he read and heard about Wildcat gave him the impression Ted was not interested in being a father.

    When Tommy was in eighth grade, he discovered a metagene he must have inherited from his dad. It was easy enough to come to that conclusion because what his metagene allowed him to do was transform into a were-panther. This happened when he got into a fight, and he avoided ever getting into a fight again from that point on.

    Major Story Arcs

    Tommy and Wildcat.
    Tommy and Wildcat.

    Tommy eventually decided he would have to face his father. The Justice Society was in the process of recruiting people from superhero lineages, and they somehow managed to track him down. He was not interested in being a superhero, but he knew he should go ahead and get meeting Ted Grant out of the way. Alan Scott and Jay Garrick brought Ted to him and introduced the father and son to each other for the first time. Tommy tried to keep it simple. He did not expect anything from Ted and said there were no resentments or issues he harbored for Ted not being around. As far as he was concerned, they could just continue on living their own lives.

    Tommy fighting Vandal Savage in werecat form.
    Tommy fighting Vandal Savage in werecat form.

    Tommy and Ted very nearly left it at that, but Vandal Savage crashed their reunion. The immortal was the architect of a plot to murder all the descendants of the Golden Age heroes, and he wanted to murder those of the founding members of the Justice Society personally. He came for Tommy. Then Tommy revealed his metahuman secret he had neglected to mention to Ted. He attacked Savage in his were-panther form and soon Ted joined in the fight as well. The father and son teamed up to take down Savage and did so by letting him get hit by a firetruck. It was a bonding moment. With his secret out, Tommy joined the Justice Society and decided to get closer to his dad. Ted even chose to share his codename with Tommy, who was fine with anything but being called Tomcat.

    Tommy became a regular part of the Justice Society. He participated in the big team up with the Justice League, where he attempted to flirt with Vixen to no avail whatsoever. When Gog rose and began walking the Earth performing miracles, Tommy was among those members of the Justice Society who believed in what Gog was doing when the team became divided on it. His dad was on the opposing side.

    During the incident of the Prophecy Sphere , Tommy was one of the few members who got lost. Tommy found some flashbacks in which he found out that his mother Marilyn had powers similar to his.

    Tommy is now a member of the JSA All stars along with the rest of the Gog supporters. He is in NYC with the rest of the JSA fighting the hordes of Black Lanterns.

    Tommy helped in the rescue of Stargirl, who was kidnapped by Arthur Pemberton, he fought against Tigress who called him ``Tomcat´´. It seems that Tommy is thinking of changeing his codename to Tomcat. During JSA Annual 2, some friction between he and his father appear.


    Tommy has a very easy and laid back personality. He comes off as a slacker with his father's attitude. The more we see Tommy the more the similarities between him and his father appear. Tommy spent his whole life afraid to fight because he could not control his transformations till recently and developed a pacifist view on life until his father came along and started to change that. Tommy is a heavy smoker and drinker he is rarely seen with out a Cigarette in his mouth in a James Dean fashion.

    Powers & Skills

    Tommy is a meta-human he is a Werepanther with the ability to transform to his Were mode on whim. When in Were mode he has super strength and speed, increased agility, and cat like reflexes and flexibility. He has also shown to have some sort of a healing factor. Though Tommy is vastly powerful in his meta abilities he is a poor fighter. He has limited hand to hand combat training from his father and recently began training with Magog.

    Personal Data

    • Real Name: Thomas Bronson
    • Height: 5' 6"
    • Weight: 135 lbs.
    • Eyes: Blue
    • Hair: Black


    • Nationality: American
    • Place of Birth: Brooklyn, New York
    • Marital Status: Single
    • Occupation: Justice Society of America
    • Known Relatives: Ted Grant (father), Marilyn Bronson (mother, deceased), Henry Grant (paternal grandfather, deceased), Jake Grant (half-brother, deceased)

    Other Media


    Tom Bronson gets a mention is the season three episode "Corto Maltese" when Laurel Lance questions boxing Gym owner Ted Grant about a street punk named Tom Bronson who was witness to a crime.


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